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On the drive home today, I listened in to a radio station I usually idly listen to as I navigate traffic home. When I heard what I'm about to relay to you, I was about as livid at our government as I've ever been.

Apparently, there was a bill in the Senate today up for vote. The bill was to help the soldiers, marines, and assorted forces returning from Iraq and Afghanistan find jobs. One billion dollars (none of which was borrowed, was all budgeted) was to be used for this to help nearly 225,000 stressed and out-of-work troops find work and find something to do with themselves. The bill was bi-partisan as well, being crafted by both Republicans and Democrats, to help "support our troops" (as both sides are fond of shouting). It was to be one of the greatest acts of positive and healthy support for the military.


Because the Senate is still operating under a stupid rule, votes need to pass with at least a total of 60 yeas.

The vote was 58 for, 40 against. The bill failed to meet Senate vote and is expected to quietly be filed away for a much later date.


So how many of those 40 are Republicans? All of them (including, to my nearly-eternal shame, a pair from my home states of Nebraska and Arkansas). How many helped to craft the bill? 13 (I think).

Why would they do this? With six weeks and some change left before the election, do you REALLY need me to answer that? Well I will anyways.


Can I make that any clearer? Because I spun this in my head countless times, over and over again, and I failed to see any other real reason why anyone in their right mind would vote against something that quite literally had *zero* downsides.

This is too much to bear. Gay rights, well fuck, I'm used to being hated anyways. I can live a while longer, though I'd be happy if it were just passed and forgotten about. But this? They flaunt how they "want to support our troops coming home" and then they go and do this horseshit.

Republicans? Any of you who might, by some slim chance read this? You have no right to say you're voting strong senators into office. Not until they leave. Because they are actively screwing over nearly a quarter of a million people just to keep one man out of office for fuckall reason. As the online page, Mother Jones puts it, "GOP to Homecoming Veterans: Drop Dead."

You have no right to say that you love our troops. You have NO right when you vote people into office who do this shit, who fuck them over for goddamned political POINTS. I don't care if you say it's 'for the budget' because your much vaunted budget procedures include 17 F-16 or whatever Raptors that CAN'T be flown because they're hazardous to the pilots. Each of those cost us $12 billion dollars. Gah, I'm mad enough that I'm probably wrong on that figure, but my point is still valid: they would rather spend for un-flyable planes than for your beloved soldiers and marines and everything else.

You have no right anymore. Not until you vote in people who can get past this kindergarten bullshit of punishing everyone just for the chance to say "Nyah Nyah!" at the black man.

And Congress wonders why its approval rating is in the shitter.

Oh, coincidentally, I also found out that a lot of that hated 47% that Romney sneered about? A lot of those are the troops on welfare and recovery. So fuck them again, I guess.

Goddamn, I hate my government sometimes. I promise, the next journal I write will be more uplifting, but this is just soul-crushing.
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Either way the donkey in this cycle is the lesser of two evils
6 years, 5 months ago
See, that's why Republicans win so often: All they do is play the political game, so they're good at it. You know how much coverage that vote's gonna get? Not much. There will be no repercussions because Republicans are excellent at spinning horrible actions to make them look like they're for the good of the country, and vice-versa. Sometimes I'm almost impressed with how good they've got at pulling the wool over people's eyes. That takes -years- of practice and dedication.
6 years, 5 months ago
*Facepaws* if i had the ability...id move to antartica right fucking now, or fuckit sign me up for the initial colinization of mars,  i don't care if it goes all fucking red faction i just want far away from our antiquated, fuck all, stupid ass, govnernment....we should have shifted to direct demorciacy 20 fucking years ago, the internet provides a way for ALL americans to have there voice heard we dont FUCKING NEED REPRESENATIVES ANYMORE!!!
especialy not when they pull shit like this.
6 years, 4 months ago
See, THIS is why I need to be omnipotent. I would stop this kinda shit. I'd just snap my fingers and >boop< every single one of those senators would be nakedly teleported to Kabul.
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