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And we're back! Running v0.9h Preflight Beta 8

We're back with a new version. Please let me know if anything behaves oddly!

We're into the final part of the race towards launch day. There will probably be just one more version after this one before v1.0! We need to add a Private Message system and Story module before we go live.

Major changes for version 0.9h Preflight Beta 8 (what a mouthful!):

- We now allow lower resolution images to be printed. See my previous journal on that subject.

- Added a Yahoo contact type/icon. Dunno how we missed that one!

- Major change to the keywords entry system. Go play with it! We now use spaces OR commas to separate keywords and underscores to join multiple words into one keyword. It's still not perfect but probably the best system to use. Thanks to
(and others) for the suggestion.

- You can now click "block keywords..." when viewing the keywords on the Submission View page. This means if you run into an image of a kind you don't want to see again, you can just click "block keywords..." and it will allow you to choose which of its keywords to block in future, just by ticking boxes.

- Userpage has had some cosmetic changes. The order of some sections changed around. Watches/watchedby sections made pretty and easier to tell apart from one another.

- Color profiles now stripped from thumbnails to save size (plus browsers just don't use the profiles).

- Background time-of-day now changes live as you select the background mode on your Account Settings page.

- Move the various "remove" and "nuke" buttons on unread messages and unread submissions pages so it's harder to hit Nuke by accident.

- Select/Deselect and Remove buttons now duplicated at bottom of Unread/New Submissions page.

- Nice style for Unread Support Ticket message on Unread Messages page.

- Assets now cached properly on browser and proxy caches. Technical stuff.. but it means faster page loads for you, and less bandwidth used for us.

- Transparent PNGs now supported in Large view mode.

- We run full PNG compression on all incoming PNG uploads (saves space on server and download time for you, with no quality loss).

- Lots of behind-the-scenes CSS refactoring. Whee!

- Moved selectall/deselectall toolbar below the Keywords bar on Unread Submissions (it looked weird above the keywords bar before).

- SSL encryption for all pages that contain and transmit your personal data, including the entire purchase/checkout process.

- Favorites section on userpage is now bigger! It used to be hiding away in the bottom corner.

- Huuuuge important security updates thanks to advice from
. Thankyou!

- Blocked images were showing in pools. Ooops. Fixed!

- Cookies now expire after 24hrs of inactivity, not when you close the browser. So no more logging in every single time you use Inkbunny! You might need to log out (press EXIT) to make this work right away, or it'll happen the next time it forces you to log in anyway.

- Lots of other small or highly technical fixes that are not worth mentioning here!

Thanks everyone for your feedback and keep it up.


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Added: 12 years, 1 month ago
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12 years, 1 month ago
That's a lot of changes o.o; If you were slap a percentage on how close to done IB is, what would you give it?
12 years, 1 month ago
95% done.. the current features are down to minor cosmetic bug fixes. Many of those fixes could occur after launch. No major bugs or security issues exist that we are aware of. Adding two whole new features (Private Messages and the Story Module) are a lot of work and will definitely add new bugs to work out, so we're still allowing at least two weeks for all that.

The amount of changes you see with each release should be pretty typical every 2 - 4 weeks even after we launch. That's the benefit of having two coders full time on a project. :3
12 years, 1 month ago
Wow. o.o;;

Two coders? Isn't that expensive? ^_^;;
12 years, 1 month ago
Me and one good friend donating his time. He's mostly working on the graphics while I do the database and code.
12 years, 1 month ago
Good stuff, lots of improvements!
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