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Free comment lotto/raffle

Short version: for those too lazy to read much
Post a link to a picture you want commented on, that you drew, and hope you win.

End of Year Comment Lotto/Raffle Thing
Hey all, it's 7:44am and I had a random whim to offer 1 free good comments to a Fur.

To enter and possibly be lucky, simply reply to this journal with the picture you drew that you would like to have a good comment written for.  Sorry, I currently do not do this to stories as they take too long to read through first.  I may offer a story version eventually.

This is a real Lotto/Raffle(whatever)

Long version: for those who like to read and or enjoy the crude humor... and want to know the rules.

Hello folks and folkettes and folkoffs and ye wee dirty Furries.

This journal is a lotto or raffle, whatever. To enter, leave a comment with a link to one of your pictures, that you drew. You may enter only once and with only one picture.

The winner(s) will be chosen at random from the group. Odds of winning are odd, aren't they?

Void where prohibited by stupid people who can't read. For a free game piece, send $20 to tannim[at]gmail.com through paypal.

PRIZE - I comment/critique the winner's picture with a detailed comment.  That is MORE THAN ONE WORD and will actually REFERENCE THE PICTURE!*

Be sure to tell your friends. You want competition after all.

Raffle Date ends - 01/27/2011 at close to 12:01am 01/28/2011 or when I remember this thing is still going after that and end it.

Winner(s) will be notified via their submissions page when they get the comment.

Depending on how this goes, maybe I do it daily. Let's face it, you'd have to be pretty daft NOT to enter.

Exploitation of any loophole in any rule means you are a very bad person and disqualified from a free "for the fun of it" lotto or raffle or whatever you call this thing.

*Yes, I know that may blow your mind, but comments really can be more than one word! It's true! They can even reference the picture or say something semi intelligent and useful! Whether you believe me or not, judging by most FA/Inkbunny comments, is unimportant.
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Added: 8 years, 1 month ago
8 years, 1 month ago
I am sad that nobody responded to this, again  :'(
8 years, 1 month ago
I am too.  At least it was looked at 7 times
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