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My IB Review (so far)

Before I get started on my mandatory InkBunny journal lets just take a few moments to BREATHE.

Inhale..... now exhale.  

Good. WAYYY too much anger and drama toward IB people. I commend your brand loyalty, but it's not necessary.  Even :linkdragoneer: begs you give IB a respectable chance.

[quote=dragoneer]Seriously, people. There's room in the pool for all the art communities to play. Stop making drama just to make drama.[/quote]

Now, I AM on IB. I have taken a few days to write a lil review since a few of you wanted to know what I think about it.  Some goods, and some bads.  Lets begin:

What I Like:

High Res - One of the biggest erks people have had about FA is the resolution limits.  IB the res limits are 4000x4000.  THAT IS AWESOME! :D

Site Layout - The site is ALOT better looking, not the bland text-n-boxes I'm used to on FA.

Features - ALOT more features and up-to-stuff PHP. Twitter integration to multi-level favorites to.. well, everything!

IB Philosophy - I think it's really cool idea, and I support it.

What I DON'T like:

No Photos - I honestly think this is dumb to ban photography. They are TOTALLY shutting out fursuiters, fursuit makers and others who express themselves with photography.  If you fursuit or make fursuits, IB may not be for you. I hope they change this policy.

No Paypal - Alertpay? Really? No one is gonna use that.  They should of integrated Paypal into the site. :P

No Commission System - One of the things I was looking forward to on FA was a system of both artists and commissioners to keep track and acquire commissions. FA is about to fix that, IB has NOTHING of the sort.  I can't even set up a journal footer. >:(  My comm info stays on FA.

What Doesn't Matter (Yet):

The Babyfur Rumor - There is a RUMOR going about that the owners are pro-babyfur and won't sensor any babyfur art/porn on the site. IT IS TRUE that they have yet to put up a clear and concise policy against babyfur stuff, but until I see that crap taking over the site, I'm not gonna worry about it. If it's reported, I DO expect them to do something about it. If they allow it to stay and it takes over the site, I will leave.  As for the owners/staff, they're personal life, is their personal life.  As long as they keep it off the site, I don't care.

No Humans - I've seen this song and dance before. Folks, It's a FURRY SITE. This is like complaining that Kotaku.com doesn't upload wonderful cooking recipes for apple cobblers. It's a video  game / anime site. :P FA is for furry.  IB is for furry.  FA is just alot more liberal about what they allow.  Honestly, if you wanna post human related art, just goto DeviantArt.  That's what it's for. :P


I like it. :D

IB is fun and has alot more features then FA, and I will be using it till it crashes-n-burns, or takes over.  I hope this review helps.
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Added: 8 years, 7 months ago
8 years, 7 months ago
As noted in the content policy, we're considering photos of fursuits and similar items. There are a few issues to work out first. It affects me too, I have a nice mini-sculpture that I can't put up here.

We can't use PayPal because they don't support paying for mature work. Their choice, not ours. That's why Fur Affinity uses AlertPay for their donations, too.

The commission module is coming, it just wasn't critical enough to stop us releasing the site in its current form. We've still got lots of ideas to improve the site (and we've had a bunch more over the past few days).

We're not a site intended specifically for babyfurs, but we don't censor based on most content, and that includes cub art. However, you're free to do so! Just add stuff like "cub" and "babyfur" to your blocked keywords and that should get rid of most of what you don't want to see. :-)

I'm glad you like the site, and I hope it continues to improve for you!
8 years, 7 months ago
Good to hear! Nice work on the site. :3
8 years, 7 months ago
Unfortunately, Paypal's anal about porn and adult material. Hence why FA and IB are using AlertPay for donations. Since both sites contain adult material anyways.
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