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Thank you for all your wonderful feedback on the babysitting game ^v^

I wish I could reply to all your comments but such an effort would be futile at this moment since most of the replies would be thanks for your comments or just restating over and over the plans I have to modify the game according to your advice.  First let me give you all a big THANK YOU for all your comments, they've been very helpful and encouraging.  I have taken in all your advice and making small changes that got the most complaints and suggestions.  Here is a bullet point of everything that I'm modifying to hopefully make the game a little better and to addess some of the concerns others have had.

-THE POOL WILL BE IN THE GAME!  The background for it is only accessible during the pool event, which I haven't added yet.  I got a better background for the pull that feels a little more connected to the house.  The same goes for the garage which will actually be accessible in the game without requiring the key, but there will be stipulations for that which will be revealed later.

-The reaction to the navigation buttons have been mixed to favorable.  I do agree that they are kind of small so I've made them bigger so they're easier to tap.  I've also figured out how to apply them to the WSAD and arrow keys as well for quick navigation.  I know some people liked the old style but I prefer this style better.  It is just a matter of getting used to it.

-The new backgrounds has received the same level of reactions but has been more favorable.  I know there are those who miss parts of the old background and Aval0n and I agree with you.  We are going to put the hallway back in as well as Vanilla's original room design.  As for the bathroom, my resources are limited.  I REALLY like this new bathroom, and that jacuzzi tub is just too tempting to pass up.  ^v^

-I originally put the cell phone is as kind of a joke because of all the GTAIV I had been playing but Avalon and I are discussing it's possible use.  Most of the comments concerning it have been helpful and will most likely use them, especially in the case of calling Vanilla for some helpful hints or advice.  Though those hints will not be free and might affect the ending.

-I know from personal experience that you can enhance things to death.  I am well aware that too many revisions can spell doom for a project.  However, please keep in mind that my experience as a flash programmer is still growing.  A lot of the ways I programmed the previous game were based on EXTREMELY poor knowledge and understanding of flash.  The techniques employed on that game were poorly put together and at this point, starting from scratch with a fresh interface seems like the best direction to go.

-Transferring the events isn't actually going to be all that difficult.  Seriously, with the way I changed it it will make building the new ones a million times easier and organizing the old ones a million times more easier.  Thank you for your concern though.  With the way things are going I could get the foundation for this game done within a week.  Aval0n has been working hard on the art as well but since he's been busy with real life stuff he hasn't had time to scan and color it.

Thank you again for all your feedback.  I am well aware that Aval0n had uploaded the same flash file to his IB profile as well.  We kind of uploaded them at the same time without realizing it.  There is no hard feelings between us for that though and we are reviewing the comments on both posts.  Plus it gets the word out that we are still working on this twice as fast.  If you have any more comments, suggestions, or reviews please post them in this journal.  Here's to hoping we have a full release soon.  ^v^
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
wooooo you guys are awesome...wait...what am I talking about, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (\( > w < )/)
8 years ago
lol, couldn't agree more ;)
8 years ago
Ya, all that sounds like a huge delay to me... Will you be able to copy everything from the old script or are you planning to write everything different? Or will you even improve in speed by removing all those bugs?

the interface:
I liked the old interface better, atleast don't use those directional buttons, they're confusing and all.
the game:
There should be more of all the other characters, too.
8 years ago
I am happy to hear that you intend to put Vanilla's room back in.  The room in the new house just really doesn't seem to fit with being a parent's room.

I also like the idea of using directional keys to navigate.  If that was paired with someone else's suggestion that the directional buttons on screen be replaced with the destination names, it would really help the navigation of this new house.
8 years ago
cant wait for a new demo/update
8 years ago
Glad u guys keep us in the loop. Love the idea of using WSAD keys to navigate - it'll make things run much smoother on the gameplay side of things. Also, thank god youre keeping the pool :)    and i like the phone idea - it has a lot of cool possibilities i think.  Can't wait for an update and i'm glad to hear that re-making the game isn't nearly as hard as it was to make it! :D
8 years ago
the wasd sound good, but only if you can still use the mouse... because if not than you can't very well play... one handed
8 years ago
that depends... using a laptop and trackpad, it would be much easier from my experience lmao
8 years ago
This is so freaking exciting! You guys have me feeling that same anticipation for the next update that I felt in September waiting for the beta release. I love the idea of being able to navigate with the arrow keys, makes it much quicker. I'll stop bugging you guys so you guys can work on a release. You guys are awesome!
8 years ago
I missed the livestream you had yesterday and it doesn't seem to be on your page anymore >_<
8 years ago
Was a very nice look you created! I can't wait for the storyline to get implemented

One thing tho... Are you going to change shower options to bath options? Would definitely pose for some interesting situations...

Looking forward to any other updates :) I'm a patient man and always get excited when I hear more news about this game!
Hope everything is alright your end Avalon, take as much time as you need to get anything sorted and just ignore the impatient ones! The more you can do in a relaxed state the better this is going to be

It's good to hear that the old hallway and vanillas old room are coming back, they just seem to fit the bill and these just... well... don't. It's come a long way from what it was first!

The cellphone is an intriguing idea, it would definitely be worth looking into. I might suggest using it to call friends, maybe ask for some advice on things or perhaps give you hints on where to find hidden items. If the downtown area is still available in the game you could also implement a gift system, which would allow you to use chatting with friends via the mobile sometimes give hints of what might be a good or bad item to buy

Finally, as for posting it on both your profiles I personally think that's a great idea and you should consider doing it more in the future. Both of you are bound to have other fans that are interested in your other stuff (Like avian has his pokemon game fans) and so might not look at the others work, knowing it has nothing to do with the work they are following! If it's on both of your profiles it doubles the chances of people seeing it and helps create a larger fan base overall so I think you should keep doing it :)
8 years ago
Viral Marketing between profiles :P  

One suggestion for the cell phone could also be used for Vanilla to do random check up calls to see how things are going. Missing a call from her could pose troublesome if she were to assume the worst/send someone to "check up" on you both due to missing the call. Or something along those lines.

WASD for mvoement through house is a great addition.

Keep up the great work and thank you very much for keeping us informed.
8 years ago
communication thru typing stuff on the internet is awesome
btw i do like the new look of the house, using wasd keys are alright nothing agasint it but it would be nice to have the choice between that or the mouse. what if 1 of those buttons don't work... or get torn off like when my cat tried to jump up on my lap top n tore off my ;: button with her claw....... dumb fat-ass cat....and btw that first sentance was totally filled with sarcasim.. proving a point... and looking forward to trying out your pokemon leage game as well as B.C.
8 years ago
can't wait for the game to be done. I know it'll be hard but I can't wait to try the next demo with working features in the new UI.
8 years ago
I liked the Interface but I felt It needed labeled directions to each room your going to.
8 years ago
I'd hate to expound on an already repetitive point, but navigation (even with the addition of the wasd keys) is a bit wonky. This is just my own preference, of course, but clicking on doors or locations to enter other rooms would be much more straight-forward, and the cursor could display a message that says where the player is about to go. As it is right now, getting from one place to another can get a bit confusing.
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