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Updates, Keywords Compulsory, Megapixels, Firefox Security Plugin

Hi everyone!

HTTPS Everywhere – Firefox Addon to enhance security

Advice about using the HTTPS Everywhere add-on to enhance security on Firefox has been added to the Wiki. http://wiki.inkbunny.net/wiki/Security#HTTPs_Everywher...

Remember to follow our special install instructions or it won't do anything for the Inkbunny site.

It helps reduce the likelihood of your browser being compromised by targeted attacks. These attacks are very common on networks at Furry Conventions, or other meetups where lots of people are trusting a public or unknown network connection. Many of the methods can work even against encrypted sites like Inkbunny.

HTTPs Everywhere adds another layer of protection that stops most of the common forms of attack that are aimed at users attempting to access encrypted sites.

Keywording/Rating is now compulsory, Bulk-setting items Public is disabled

Keywords are very important on Inkbunny as they are essential to how the community operates. They help people find your work or avoid it if they want.

We have now made Keywording and Ratings tags compulsory. When you first upload a submission, the Edit Submission screen will not let you progress without adding keywords and assigning at least one rating tag.

The Keywords section is broken up into Genders, Species, Themes/Kinks and Other. These sections are just helpers and don't have any special meaning. All the keywords are combined into one list once you are done.

We have removed the ability for users to mass-set bulk uploaded submissions to Public status. Too many people were abusing it by bulk uploading and then not going through their submissions one by one checking keywords and ratings.

Moderators can still bulk-set things public, so if you genuinely have a huge collection of correctly keyworded and tagged uploads to set public, please contact us for help.

Ratings have always been compulsory, but you are now required to specify when something is rated General, rather than it simply being the default when you do nothing. This means users must assign a rating and cannot skip this step.

Full size file max size now in Megapixels, not dimensions

We now limit the maximum uploaded file size by Megapixels, and not by arbitrary separate width and height dimensions. The effect is similar, but it means that you can have images wider or taller than the old maximum width or height, so long as it is narrower in the other dimension to compensate. This is much more flexible, particularly as some uploads are very wide or very tall strips that may be bigger than the old 4000 pixel limit in one dimension, but very narrow in the other and so don't actually take up that much more bandwidth or disk space.

The overall pixel count known as Megapixels (MP), is now the number we look at. Currently we accept up to 16MP files.

Access, logout and session problems

A new problem effecting a number of users is that they cannot get their account to stay logged in on certain browsers. Yet changing to another browser seems to work fine. If you have this issue please report it to us, or comment here with the affected browser version and your OS and any other clues you think might help.

If anyone is having other problems logging in, staying logged in, posting submissions or leaving comments, or any other problems at all, please let us know immediately via admin@inkbunny.net or via a Support Ticket if possible. https://inkbunny.net/ticketsviewall_process.php


Full details are always available at http://wiki.inkbunny.net/Revisions

* Changed: We are now using Database Connection Pooling (something which PHP and most PHP frameworks do not do for you). As a result, our server can now handle ten times more database requests per second than before.

* Changed: BBCode is now case-insensitive. This means lowercase and uppercase letters can be used for the BBCode tags.

* Added/Changed: Show custom thumbnails or show original thumbnails setting link now appears on the Userpage (just above the Gallery preview) and on the Submission page (next to the multi pages list if there are multiple pages on the submission). It still appears on the Gallery view. Previously you had to go back to Gallery to change this setting, and it had no effect on the thumbs displayed for multi pages on a submission.

* Fixed: Uploaded file now always has the artist/owner account name added to it, instead of Uploader's account name. This was a problem only when admins would upload something for a user, and previously the file would end up with the admin's name in the filename as a result.

* Added: Keyword entry now has three input boxes for new submissions, which guide you to enter Gender, Species and Themes/Kinks for every image as a minimum requirement. Keywords are very important on Inkbunny as they are essential to how the community operates. They help people find your work or avoid it if they want.

* Changed: Only moderators may now set multiple submissions Public at once via the Gallery view. This feature was being abused too much by users uploading in bulk and then not sufficiently keywording or rating their uploads before setting them all Public.

* Changed: We now check the incoming file Megapixel count (width times height) rather than apply an arbitrary separate check on each dimension. This makes it more flexible so artists can upload very tall or very wide images, that are narrower in the other dimension and so don't take up any more disk space or bandwidth. The maximum megapixel count we accept is currently 16MP.

* Added: There is now a link from Main Gallery to Scraps Gallery and vice versa in the gallery title bars.

* Changed: Searching by rating and type have been temporarily removed from Search while we fix
some speed issues with those filters.

* Fixed: A bug in the PM system prevented you from sending two messages in the same thread when in Anonymous mode, before receiving a reply from the recipient. Note that anonymous PM mode is only available to Moderators.

* Changed: The Hi-res/Sales File downloader is disabled while our sales system is offline.
* Added: Donations link can be turned on/off on your own journals now. Previously the setting was only available for Submissions /Journals combined and Userpage. The sale system is still offline so this isn't very useful yet! But you can still go and change the setting. Whatever you chose for Donation links on Submissions has been copied across to the Donation Links on Journals setting.

* Added: The login page now has a permanent advice bar at the top informing users how to check their connection to Inkbunny really is secure.

* Added: Advice about using the HTTPS Everywhere add-on to enhance security on Firefox has been added to the Wiki. http://wiki.inkbunny.net/wiki/Security#HTTPs_Everywher...

* Changed: Failed login attempts are counted per account and per IP. IP attempts were being reset on a successful login, but this was silly as an attacker could just make a bot log in via their own account to clear the IP fail count. Now the IP fail count is only cleared after a long timeout (several days).

* Added: We are now using a module to block rapid multiple hits per page. This helps reduce the impact of dos and ddos attacks, and slows down brute force password attacks. Thanks very much to @RyuuKishi for the suggestion and help with setup.

* Changed: Moved the Security advice page to the Wiki. http://wiki.inkbunny.net/Security

* Added/Changed/Fixed: Lots more security updates.

Thank you, everyone!

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Added: 11 years, 4 months ago
Site News Item: yes
11 years, 4 months ago
Edit: I think I got it. Is there a limited period to edit a comment? I ask because I wanted to edit something I said in a reply to a comment in a journal, but all I get is reply|delete|link here. I'm not sure if this is expected behaviour, because I hadn't seen it before. I just might be dumb. :3
11 years, 4 months ago
You have 10 minutes to edit comments after you make them. Then the edit link vanishes! :P
11 years, 4 months ago
That certainly makes sense, yo.
11 years, 4 months ago
you guys are the best :3
11 years, 4 months ago
Damn, you know, I would really like to support this site, but with every update I get the impression that there is nothing you aren't already considering and doing great all on your own, dammit.^^

It's great to see you're caring about such security issues and that you even try to help people with such "external" things (and for supporting Firefox^^).
The keyword stuff and such wasn't new AFAIK, but still good to see you care for proper labelling, certainly a great thing, especially together with your great keyword blocking feature. The rating thing is also a nice detail which will prevent "lazy" people from simply clicking "Next" all the time, so, I guess that's a good thing. :D

Now the size thing. Wow, maybe I just don't know many sites, but you are certainly the first one of this kind, that measures the MP instead of general pixel size, and I think that's really a good thing, too often have I already seen very wide pics where artists had to include links to full versions on their own webspace. This is one more step of being able to "have everything in one place", which I so hope for IB to be going for, so, even if I personally won't need it for now, thanks for including this.

The pooling is also a great thing. I don't know how much "10 times more" is, especially not compared to other furry sites, but many, many websites have already proven that there can never be enough database requests to be handled at one time, so, I guess this will really improve busy times and keep us from unplanned downtimes here.

The BB Code thing is nice, as well, although I'd generally prefer if there'd just be more click-able buttons, it's just easier and there's still enough room under/over those boxes to include some more, but well, that's a matter of taste, I guess.

Main/Scraps link means less confusion and less clicks, so, that's always good.^^

Hope you get the search thing sorted out as I certainly like being able to search based on ratings, hope you can find a good solution for that problem.

So, yeah, even more security of whatever kind is good as well.^^

In general it's as I stated in the beginning: You guys are great and even though I dislike the downtime needed for updates (of course^^), I'm always looking forward to read about your constant improvements and updates in those changelogs, it really gives the impression that people are working really hard on all of this.

I hope the best for the future, certainly looking forward to it, and I hope I'll one day be able to support you in any way as well.

Have a nice time, and thanks for everything.^^

11 years, 4 months ago
Well, it's always good to see Inkbunny making "that other site's" codebase even more of a joke than it was already.  (I mean, what other furry site puts this much effort into improving security preemptively?)  I've actually ended up thinking about the tagging system a lot in the past few days.  So here's what I think about it:

I suppose the real hurdle to get over is making the case to new users that tagging matters and will help them.  Most of the new users we get are going to be used to sites where tagging either doesn't exist, or doesn't have enough done with it to be really useful (i.e. support for both searching and blocking by tags.)  (Or they've seen "Unspecific/any" and "Fetish Other" so many times they just stopped paying attention to tags.)  Prompting for gender, species, themes and kinks, and other keywords, and requiring something to be entered for them, seems like a good way to point new users in the right direction without being obstructive for experienced users.  I think it might also help to have a list of example keywords on the wiki, which could be linked from the "edit submission" page, and would cover the most commonly seen kinks in the fandom, and probably some non-obvious things that often squick people (like popping is a major one for inflation fetishists.)  These wouldn't behave differently from any other keywords, they'd just be intended as a guideline for what kinds of things to tag.

I also like the idea that Swatcher brought up in the comments to this journal, of certain tags automatically implying other tags ("tf" == "transformation", submissions with "weight gain" also contain "fat" but not necessarily vice versa,) especially since the commonly used jargon for kinks is often pretty unintuitive to the uninitiated (e.g. "ws" means "involves peeing.")

One problem that's going to have to be dealt with at some point is how to put tags on submissions from people with limited understanding of English who honestly don't know what the appropriate descriptors are.  (I've seen a few artists on other furry sites that only really know Japanese, and can only write in English through a translation program.)  Community tagging, though, should help a lot with that issue.

It's really an unfair situation that artists find themselves in, because there's a ridiculously huge disparity in the feedback you get from showing people something that they like versus something they don't.  One picture that squicks them will always get more of a reaction than any fifty pictures that they love.  Which I frankly think is just an infantile way for people to be, but you can't design a website assuming that you're going to fundamentally change human nature (viz. why nobody is, or will be, adopting Flattr....)
11 years, 3 months ago
If Inkbunny has tag aliases (e.g., it doesn't matter if you type "big_boobs", "big_breasts", or "big_tits", searching for any of these will return all 3) then you can add the japanese terms as aliases too, so the japanese can just tag it in japanese, assuming you are able to communicate this functionality to them :p

i must strongly discourage enabling community tagging
11 years, 3 months ago
Yeah aliases would be nice. Community tagging will be much more restricted than other sites.
11 years, 4 months ago
This is why I love InkBunny. Fantastic response to user concerns, and tons of upgrades to the site features. Not to mention constant feedback from the devs.
1 month, 3 weeks ago
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