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I walked almost 7 hours for no reason at all!

Because I'm an adult with a mental and neural disorder :V

In reality I was trying to prove if it was possible to travel from north to south through my city only walking (because I really have nothing better to do).  No compass, no map, no asking people, no cheating with the sun, only your raw orientation sense and knowledge of the city's main avenues.

Results? Well, I made it past downtown and avoided all the nasty places except one, when I did a wrong turn and had to run past a couple of suspicious guys. It seems I don't know 80% of my own city, but still can't get lost, just unsure to go left, right, straight or go backwards. As a result I walked more than needed and I got two nasty blisters on both feet's fingers.

I stopped to eat a hot-dog and drink some water while resting my legs and somehow I lost my avenue of reference, which I was using as north-south axis, so I wandered almost aimlessly for one hour until my knees finally said: "FUCK IT!" It was fortunate for me that I was near a subway station I know well, so I took the bus and I started my trip back home, limping and snoozing the whole way XD

I learned something useful today. The whole north of my city sucks. It's dangerous and not safe for the pedestrian, with all the tugs living in the northern downtown and plagued with highways you can't cross easily. Suddenly I like the part I live on a little... but just a little. This country sucks big time.

Also I learned that people that run away don't go missing, they simply refuse to acknowledge a home. People that disappear contrarily suffers an accident, gets kidnapped or murdered. The world is cruel and hard :S
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
A strange thing to do, yet has been done by this one with no reason as well. o.o
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