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On Donald Duck

ever notice how... well... clinically insane Donald happens to be?... of all of the Disney characters I think Donald is the most... potentially lethally insane.... Not just his anger issues... but really if you boil it down.... he has paranoid schizophrenia... obviously... always thinks people are plotting against him and reacts with demonic rage... but then theirs the psychotropic dreams... the hyper realistic delusional moments where he warps into books and has elaborate dream fugues where he interacts with imaginary friends.... it was much worse back in his old days... like in the 1940's.... especially telling is the 1945 film "three cambenarios" ... one of my all time favorite films from childhood.... but horrifically frightening if viewed while considering Donald's fragile psyche.... he gets a present and within minutes... characters on the home movies are exiting the screen and chattering with him.... he opens a book and creates a delusional "brother".... they then shrink down and enter the book to travel to "Baia" once there he tries to have sexual relations with a live action human woman.... and when spurned for another human he becomes a demonic green skinned version of himself and tries to murder the women chosen mate.... he then goes on... after getting kissed by le senorita to have another vivid delusional dream where people change into demonic roosters and have a cock fight.... Later he opens a present and creates a second imaginary cousin.... who actually arrives out of a musical segment where Donald "sees the music" in vivid colors.

Honestly... I kind of wonder if all of Donald's cartoons aren't just delusional dreams of a duck trapped in a padded cell somewhere... babbling incessantly and chewing his finger feathers.... his eyes looking into two different directions.... his body atrophied from lack of care... the walls growing with an eerie ichor as his caretakers have forgotten long ago that he even existed.
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Added: 8 years, 5 months ago
8 years, 5 months ago
Hahahahaha... Well on this one I can say that you might have hit the bulleyes li'l bro... Just considering it calmly... I would say yup it's true...
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