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lack of common sense

recently, our fandom was dealt an embaressing blow.  recently at a furry barbeque in some town in new jersey, two fursuiters got frisky and went off to go fuck... on a public offical's car, in broad daylight; and in direct view of the offical's kid!  the event canceled the barbeque, wrinched over 50k out of the charity fund to the city; and made furries everywhere cringe in fear of the repercussions this will likely cause.

this is a prime example of how some people within the fandom lack common sense and a conscience- that little jimmey cricket voice that tells you right from wrong.  what those two fursuiters did was a lack of common sense at its finest.  for starters- this event was held outdoors at a public park.  this isn't like the cons at the hotels where there are a number of potential shagging spots to use.  second- when you attend an event like this, not only are you representing yourself, but also the group at large that you are assoiated with.  if those two were frisky enough that they couldnt hold off until they got home, they could have at least show enough goddamn common courtisy to remove their fursuits and badges before defiling someone's car.  that way they would only embaress themselves, and not their group at large.  thirdly- even if you do get your rocks off from being watched while fooling around, you should be mindful of what the audiance is.  if you see a child anywhere, fucking stop and put it away; not keep going like its no big deal!

but i cant stop there.  oh no...  the lack of common sense goes beyond this.  like when people mope and whine about how the fandom is seen as freaks and deviants, but hide and bitch whenever someone who has both the brains and the balls to step up and try to clear the air.  yes our fandom has its share of bad stigma, and assholes that further push those stigmas along (not referring to cub porn here).  instead of bitching about it, or hiding whenever the furry topic is brought up; stand up and speak!  i have had people point out that they have heard that we do some freaky stuff like boink in mascot outfits, and i point out that not all of us do that; and that every fandom in the sci-fi/fantasy genre has its share of strange.  if you think a couple dressed as a fox and dragon going at it is wierd, then you should take a gander at the dorky brace face chick and her lardass boyfriend getting it on as princess liea and darth vader at comicon.

in closing, our fandom has a number of stupid people that will do even stupider shit that will throw loads of crap in our faces.  when this happens, dont be like them and go all stupid.  use the brain you were gifted with and combat it.  fight lack of brain cells with some good ole common sense and enlightenment.
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
i direct you to this link sir.  https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3579295/

thus far there is 0 physical proof its just all here say and blustering.  the mayor supposedly has a photo but no one has seen it (including the person that put the event together) and have only been told that it shows inappropriate actions.  I don't think this actually happened and it was at the fire station.  the supposed "incident" occurred in the police parking lot  not far from the area where a neighbor reportedly saw it and approached the two and took a picture.
6 years, 7 months ago
As of right now, there are many different versions of the event that took place.   Some are saying they fucked on the public offical's car while a kid was present, that they did on the hood of a squad car; or that they did it on an ambulence.   Until the actual proof, if any, shows up; we can only assume.
6 years, 7 months ago
Yeah that's why whenever I'm out suiting I try to show a good example, especially if people come up asking questions or if there are news people around.  Because the suiters are always going to be the ones that get the most attention and will be the ones that can cause the most damage too.  

As far as the whole thing that happened yeah there seems to be a good bit of mystery behind some of it.  There was a long journal posted on it, but it got taken down.  I heard it was for legal reasons because someone started naming names in it because they knew who did it or something like that.  I've even heard someone trying to say they may not have even been furries and just people who got suits and wanted to cause problems.  I'm not sure either way.  Though at the same time I still wouldn't be surprised if someone would have been stupid enough to do all of the things they said happened.
6 years, 7 months ago
From the things that I heard, they say that the two fursuiters were both foxes and that whoever snapped a pic of the scene couldn't tell them apart.  However the story of the event is iffy depending on what you hear.   Like one story says they fucked on an ambulence,  and another says they did it on a public offial's car. As far as the fursuit thing is involved,  I know that no two fursuits look alike; so it may have been two retards that gotten a hold of a pair of mascot outfits and did it to make waves.   Whatever the situation or reason, we do have many people in the fandom that seem to lack common sense. They do things that at times make all of us look bad.  Heck I have heard rumors about Neer exposing himself at a con.   I doubt if this is true,  but who knows since he is known to drink booze like a fish...
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