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Upcoming Projects... Sneak Peek

I thought I'd give everyone a heads-up about what I've been up to for the past half-year.

There are four major projects in the works.
- Pokemon . (A lot of additional art and events)
- Babysitter's Club 2 . (85% done)
- Guardia Forest 1 Remake . (60% done)
- (A secret game) . (95% done)
Progress is going very well on all of them.

... But there's a problem.

A couple days ago, I received an unpleasant phone call about my student loans.
Somehow, I need to make an extra $310 each month.
I have a few ideas about how this might be possible, but I'm not sure how realistic they are.
So I'd like to ask you guys for some advice.
These are the ideas I came up with:

Create some exclusive flash games for Flash portal sites like funny-games.biz
I could re-use my game engines to create multiple games, or create new levels or episodes. Or post quick-to-make self-playing sexy stories. Also, do you recommend any particular flash portal sites in particular?

New gallery for JabArchives
I notice that the Jab Archives has kind of a clunky gallery system. Maybe I should offer to make them a new one. I recently designed and programmed a website for someone as a birthday present and it came out incredibly well, so I definitely know I can do this.

New gallery for artist blogs
Many artists have their own blogs, but blog-based image galleries are kind of hit-and-miss. I could create a good image gallery system and try selling it to these artists. The question is what free alternatives might be out there and how much would such a thing even be worth?

Kickstarter-style commission for pokemon art (Joint commission for Palcomix & Me)
Sure, it's the biggest fad since touch-screens. But I was thinking about using it to offer a collective commission to create professional-quality art for the hentai pokemon game. After raising enough money, part of it would go to Palcomix to create the lineart, and part of it would go to me to color and shade the art. Unfortunately, this idea seems unlikely since KickStarter is afraid of anything adult.

Kickstarter for InkBunny browser addon (Like "FurAffinity Extender")
There's a very convenient browser add-on called "FurAffinity Extender." which makes it easy to download images in a single click and sort them by artist automatically. It would be nice if a similar add-on could be made for InkBunny. But programming such a thing would take time a research. The add-on itself isn't adult, so this project might fly on Kickstarter.

$32 art commissions (lineart, color and shading)
Like half of the artists everywhere, I could offer art commissions. 10 of these would covor my costs for a month. As you can see above, I'm a pretty good artist, and the practice would only make me get better.
Also, Rapps had an interesting idea: Offer themed commissions. Maybe I could offer to draw pictures of Sally going down on Tails, and people could pay me to draw each one. Maybe I could draw pictures of Kaa going after various characters like kaaservant used to draw? I always liked his work. Considering the things I tend to create, is there anything else you'd like to see more of? I don't really have any experience with commissions, so any general advice would be helpful too.

$16 sketch commissions  (without color and shading)
These would take half as long and would get done quicker. Maybe the lower price would appeal to more people? I would need to do about 20 of these.

$16 colorizing commissions
I could color and shade other people's art. This is one of my specialties. Is there anything you'd like me to color?

Animation commissions for your games
I could take an artist's drawing and turn it into an animation for a flash game. The Legend of Krystal forum has a lot of artists and aspiring hentai game programmers. I could create well-animated walk cycles, attacks, and sex animations for their games. Each pose would need a drawing and about 2 hours of prep work. Each animation based on a pose, takes about an hour. But this idea's a little hard to explain to people. Do you think anybody would be interested? I know that Yawg once started creating a sexy Flash game with Renamon exploring the mushroom kingdom. It ran aground due to lack of programming and animation help. (I bet I could do something about that ;-)

Website design + programming for $352
Someone recently had a birthday and I redesigned and programmed their website as a gift for them. I won't say who it is though. That's a secret for now. ;-) But it came out extremely well, with a keyword-sortable gallery and many bandwidth-saving features. The site took about a week to make, so that's a fair amount of work. About 44 hours worth. So at $8 an hour, I could make another one for $350. At that price, I don't know how likely this offer is.

Website design for $96
Programming takes a lot of time... But everything else is pretty easy in comparison. The general design, HTML and CSS for a site can probably made in one day. Effectively 12 hours of time. That would be $96 at $8 an hour. But I don't know if anybody would be interested.

Write Apps for Android or iPhone
The latest hi-tech fad. Tablets don't seem to have very many apps that let you create things, let alone game makers... Maybe I can change that. This will take research since I haven't programmed a tablet before.
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
As someone who used to make websites, that is NOT a fair price. I understand you're in need of money, and thus you need more customers with a faster turnover rate, but for a website you should be charging twice that at least. Just for future reference.
6 years, 7 months ago
Actually, I thought it might be too high for most people.
Who has that kind of pocket change?
Then again, I'm used to measuring money by the amount of food it buys.
Who would give up eating for that long just for a website?
6 years, 7 months ago
Average for web design is 25-30 dollars an hour.

Usually when people want a website they already have important (to them) reasons for wanting a good site, which is why the pay is decent.
6 years, 7 months ago

I must strongly agree, you can't go around dumping prices for websites like that ;)
If you want to offer a cheap but decent website for small budget, think about a simple solution that you can do fast. If someone really want's a fancy full-featured website, he'll have to invest some money.
And think about yourself, what are you doing, saying you can build incredible websites and on the other had offering to work for 8 bucks, who's gonna take you seriously?!
6 years, 7 months ago
That's an interesting point.
It hadn't occurred to me that the price-point might suggest the quality I'm offering.

I guess the main point is that most individuals don't really need websites, but most companies do, so the normal prices reflect that.
Besides, for an individual, it's actually more effective to post things on sites that many people already use instead of creating a new one.
6 years, 7 months ago
Is funnygames.biz even alive? They make new posts like every 4 months and its usually trash. They ran out of games to steal me thinks
6 years, 7 months ago
I don't know much about them except that someone once posted my Guardia Forest game there and it was very popular.
Apparently, that's where most people first stumbled across that game.
6 years, 7 months ago
that site is actually how i came to find inkbunny, lots of things from furaffinity and ink bunny were posted there, though not many artists are thankful that thy were posted there
6 years, 7 months ago
funny-games.biz is (or was) a nice site for visitors, because they post anything they can get their hands on. You can submit your free stuff there, but they surely won't pay.
Also, the quality and freqency of the postings there has dropped quite a bit recently.
6 years, 7 months ago
It seems the only way to get people intrested in your wares is to work at or below minimum wage, as in the wage people think you get paid at minimum, rather than the actual higher amount 8(

You could enforce a sliding scale on a piece of work, up front stated, you ask for basic, you pay basic, you get basic, any alterations doing, cost extra, any alterations during cost at least twice scale, any alterations after cost 4 times? If its up front, they cant complain about being charged heavily for being a total arse.

If they have more money than sense, let them help the community, you, in any way you can , legally, persuade them. 8)

Damn, I hate not having much money, I couldnt afford to write the check Id like to for teh work Id enjoy.. not exactly megaorgy, but Knothole is such an Intresting place. 8)

Just like a drug dealer, politician and Microsoft, give a good cheap base, then add on all sorts of price adding extras, talk about a hooked and captive audience 8)

The difference being with you, the resulting work is worth it. 8)

Thanks for PalComix, hope things work out for you.
6 years, 7 months ago
I'd have to say go for the Jabarchives gallery as a way to keep getting your personal art style being seen, but do the web design if you need extra money.  You could probably hit up a local university or college level institute and see if they need/want a website to get their name out more.
6 years, 7 months ago
New gallery for JabArchives sounds like a solid bet. Kickstarter for art would probably be good too, I've seen some generous donations through there.

funny-games is still around, they changed to a once a month update with like 5-20 games. I don't know if you can make any money from them though.

And as for your progress, I'm as giddy as a school girl about a finished version of Babbysitter's Club 2; and I had no idea about the remake for Guardia and it sounds awesome.
6 years, 7 months ago
should take open donations for your work, i'd love to contribute to helping your projects, since i always enjoy them, especially the pokemon rpg

if not that then the art commissions would be something i could contribute to
6 years, 7 months ago
I do have a donation link on the upper-right corner of my InkBunny page. (and this journal)
But as far as long-term income goes, I think I should offer things in return.
6 years, 7 months ago
haha sorry, totally forgot those are there. but the commissions could be a good one. like a big fund raiser with taking commissions. those have been quite successful on a few different ink bunny pages that i know of. and i would definetly be one of them :3
6 years, 7 months ago
The Inkbunny browser addon sounds interesting, and there are most likely enough IB users to get it financed. You just need to get enough artists to spread the word for you in their journals.

As for the website programming and design, the safest bet is to demand a price that is about market average - it has the most competition, but too low prices inply low quality, as if the programmer either has very little experience and thus does not know the average price, or it is some sweatshop using third world programmers - or that is how I would interpret it. To look like you have experience, you have to demand the price of a professional.
Demanding above average prices is fine, as long as you can deliver above average websites - which has to show on your own website, on which you offer your services.

Another potential option is asking whether the guys at Inkbunny are looking for help with their own website, can't hurt to ask.

Someone else you can directly ask if they need a website done is your university.
6 years, 7 months ago
I don't know much about prices for websites to create exclusive content (sorry) But if you do happen to create something exclusive for FG-B, could it involve Marle? i am sure many fans would be pleased and you might make a nice tidy profit.... buuut like I said, no idea about exclusive costs.
6 years, 6 months ago
I for one have been considering putting a team together to make a game funded by kickstarter or any other crowd funding site.  I'm an excellent screenplay or script writer and dialog editor, but my visual art and programming skills are below sub par.  If you want to go it alone I recommend you try a crowd funded project.  If however you want to be a part of a team and split the funds I'd be happy to work with you.

The project that I had in mind would require a largely text based interface with IF THEN based choices, with some score based variables.  Visually it would require good art with good animation.  Sprite art could work for a large amount of it.
6 years, 6 months ago
I'm okay at art, but programming is what I really love to do.
I specialize at building tools and game engines in Flash using Actionscript 2.
You might find my Universal Level Editor interesting.

In particular, the scripting system used in the RPG game engine might be useful for you. It's a point-and-click system that actually imitates the 3 basic structures of a regular programming language (sequence, branching, and loops), but instead of typing anything in, you just click buttons to add commands and adjust their settings. This prevents most mistakes and makes it very easy to use. And because it imitates the 3 structures of a programming language, it is extremely flexible. For example, I recently re-created the Chrono Trigger battle system entirely within the scripting system. I was also able to re-create a Phoenix Wright style court scene. The other huge advantage it has over a regular programming language is that it has the ability to stop and wait for things. It's amazing how often that feature comes in handy. And yes, it can easily do IF, THEN branching.
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