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[14] Breakdown of My Content

I guess the best way to explain it is as horny fetish art that can involve a very huge set of different fetishes. I really like horny stuff and I like making everything very erotic, even if it doesn’t have to be. My appreciation for sexuality, lust and erotic stuff goes beyond the desires of my body because I seriously think it’s enchanting and fascinating even if I’m not horny. It’s just a lot of fun for me, very open, comforting, welcoming and exciting. Of course there can be many flavors of it, some of which I dislike, more info on those here .

I try to create a lot, and if all goes as planned, a new drawing can be expected every day, though that relies on how good I am at pumping out stuff. This depends on ethic my horrible work , and sometimes on my other projects replacethisplease, but my TRUE goal is to make AT LEAST two drawings every day. If I could have my way, I would aim for five or eight. Again, more details here .

If you have more specific tastes, however, it might take a while for the things you like to show up, since I have a tendency of cycling through my kinks however my mood dictates. Lately I’ve been trying to draw sets of drawings all within a single theme before moving on to the next theme, but I also greatly value being spontaneous, so expect my content to vary a lot. I’ve been planning to create a “fetish of the day” randomizer for myself, to make sure I don’t leave key things behind in a month, but I need to have a good list of fetishes first and that is a whole other struggle .
Again, I warn everyone that my stuff includes LOTS AND LOTS of different things, many of them being weird, bizarre, gross, unappealing or even disturbing, depending on how you look at it. I also like doing some vanilla stuff too, so it can vary a lot from completely normal stuff to something very extreme.
My diversity of content also means that not all of it can be posted here or on FurAffinity, but there are other sites where I post everything. Though be warned that blacklisting in other places might not be as easy as here on IB. Go to my profile for links to my other accounts.

First, let me just point out that I’m the type of person who struggles drawing the same thing more than once. I’m insecure about the fidelity I can grant to the original design, and that usually discourages me from drawing things a second time. This makes things like comics and animations very difficult for me, but I really want to change that.
Some exceptions are things which are very important to me and that I have drawn so much it has become muscle memory, pretty much, such as myself and Kat . Other than that I usually don’t repeat the characters, so if you like a given character or design, be warned that it might not show up again. I might still revisit some of them, since I’m also trying to improve on that. Hopefully this changes in the future.

Second, I also like creating original things more, rather than using stuff that comes from other people. This combined with the previous point made me never really be too keen on rule34, and whenever I would do it, it would be because someone else wanted it. Now I also have this code to follow , which will probably make it a lot more scarce, so don’t expect too much of that from me.

Okay, back to the actual themes and fetishes. It’s hard to provide a list of things I do, since it changes so much and there are so many fetishes that I haven’t drawn in years despite liking them, but might do tomorrow if the idea clicks.
I’ll try to lay down the main themes, however.
I am not kidding when I say that there is a lot of stuff, so again, WARNING. Here they are, in no particular order, I just tried to keep related things somewhat nearby:

•Relationships, orientation play, multiple partners, partner swapping, a bit of cuckold (but not mean).
•Exhibitionism, public stuff, public sex or masturbation, public use, dubious consent, forced, non-con, rape (but the victim likes it).
•Humiliation, sadomasochism, a lot of BDSM stuff, bondage, gasmasks, kink suits, fursuits, costumes.
•Aliens, hard xenos, monsters, cryptids, weird beasts, chimeras, ferals, bestiality, zoorelationships, anthros, humans, interspecies, weird species, interbreeding.
•Old characters, underage characters, characters who like underage characters, themes of childhood, plushies, baby stuff, ABDL, diapers in general, sissy stuff, feminization.
•Crossdressing, traps, non-binary, transitioning, herms, dickgirls, cuntboys, confusing genders or sex.
•Incest, inbreeding, affection, hugs, kisses, love, comfort, themes of innocence or wholesomeness.
•Normal sex, vanilla sex, sex toy use, oral, normal mundane situations or contexts of modern society that are kinky.
•Normal situations made erotic or sexual, non-sexual things made sexual, people ignoring erotic, weird or absurd stuff, or treating it like it’s normal.
•Absurd or surreal contexts, interactions and fetishes, things made to be weird, various fetishes taken to extremes, excessive things.
•Fantastical settings, magical stuff, different cultures, strange cultures, different social rules, sexual social rules, sextopias, sci-fi settings, fuck-machines, devices and apparatuses.
•Objectophilia, mechanophilia, anthropomorphization and erotization of weird concepts or ideas like planets, landscapes, clockwork, single-celled organisms, and so on.
•Drug use, mind control, corruption, transformations, body changes, reshaping, clay, rubber, stretching, melting, petrification, conjoined, merging, slime, tar, sinking (no bad •endings).
•Unusual anatomy, sexual anatomy, excessive fluids, hyper stuff, big parts, multiple limbs, multiple genitalia, amputees.
•Multiple penetrations, unusual penetrations, urethral insertions, nostril penetrations, prehensile parts, prolapses, gape, hypergape.
•Butt stuff, a lot of butthole stuff, a lot of foot stuff and other partialism stuff in general.
•Pretty much any fluids or bodily excretions, including blood and tears (but not crying or actual dangerous harm, check this for details).
•Bathroom fetishes, omorashi, bathroom accidents, peeing, pooping, water sports, scat, smearing, vomit, farts, wet and messy, soiling or wetting things.
•Very filthy, gross and unhygienic things, unappealing anatomy, ugly anatomy, smelly or stinky fetishes, musky parts like butts, feet, cocks and so on, unwashed fetishes, body filth.
•Themes of degeneracy, decay, vulgarity or vileness (but nothing cruel or too nefarious, again here).
•Monster hives or alien hives, cocoons, formicophilia, parasites, infestations, being infested with eggs.
•Receiving eggs, laying eggs, pregnancy, lactation, large insertions, fisting, head insertions, full body insertions, unbirth, rebirth, birth in general.
•Normal soft vore (very complicated relationship, almost lost this fetish), mawshots, anal vore, cock vore, unusual forms of vore, absorption.
•Gluttony, foodplay, feeding, tube feeding, fattening, fat fetishes, a bit of muscle fetishes.
•Various specific body types and fetishes around the shape or looks of a character.

There might be more I’m forgetting, and of course, these can be combined and subdivided in various ways, which might make some redundant but eh. Hopefully this gives a good idea of the type of stuff I like doing, so I probably won’t update it to include things I might remember in the future.
I’ve been trying to make a gigantic compendium of fetishes which has my opinion on each and I tried to include every kink I could find, but it sucks, more details here .
Yet again I would like to stress that I don’t like when things are rude, cruel, evil or bleak, and while these definitions might cause confusion, I hope to clarify them here .

I try my best to make sure that none of my content is anything I could consider wrong. I’ve been trying to understand exactly how that works and I think I’m starting to get a conscious definition of it.
I think it’s something fate-based. None of the characters I portray are experiencing anything unfortunate or tragic as part of the fetishes I want to handle. In my creations, all characters get the fate that is right for them, and this fate is never cruel. Everything just falls into place, which is very different from reality, and I think that is what actually separates my fiction from reality, but also from some kinds of fiction out there, since I despise bad endings. Things can’t go wrong, mistakes can’t be made, all characters end up where they should be, and I can only settle for a happily ever after, even if the character was unsure about it first.
I understand that on the surface it may sometimes seem like I’m depicting despicable things, that the character might be getting an unfortunate fate, but I assure you that it was not the intention, and I’ll probably be addressing it in the description. I hate when I look at my creations and see that a bad fate could be implied.
Now, If you feel like any of my creations depict something wrong or despicable, or that the character is suffering a bad fate even when I don’t think so, it may be due to a difference in morals or ideals. Feel free to discuss that with me if you want to, more details here .

In regards to my relationship with some of these kinks which I might seem to portray in an erratic way, shifting between being okay with them or not, this could be because of very pesky details or things that have happened. There are some fetishes which I like drawing for myself but wouldn’t dare posting, and there are some fetishes which I might post but wouldn’t draw for other people. More details about that here .

03/01/2022 update: And this is still not very clear. I had a plan to fill my gallery with typical drawings of all my interests, to make sure that people can at least see how I do them and yada yada, but that failed. When I start posting again, I’m gonna try to keep following that line, but one thing that was bothering me is that the quality or… style… of some of those sketches aren’t really where I would like it to be for the introduction of this or that theme to my gallery. My hope is to make sure that at some point if anyone comes browse my galleries they can see nearly everything I like, but I’m still very far from that. It’s embarrassing how it has been like six months and I haven’t shared like 10% of the things I do and like. I DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY HUMANS POSTED YET.
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