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[02] Commissions and Donations

This is a preliminary stage and things are not exactly in their final form. I still have a lot to sort through, but I can already start taking on commissions for now.
Unfortunately, I still have to set up means for donations and other similar forms of support.

There is quite a bit of information to go through, so feel free to scroll for what you’re looking for.
I divided it in three parts, first the details, types and prices. Second the rules, what I will and will not draw. Third the TOS and stuff.
Check my front page for the status on the slots.

Firstly, I only do full drawings as commissions for now, I plan on opening sketches, linearts and flat colors at some point, but for the time being all I will offer is fully colored and shaded drawings, pretty much what I often post. The quality you can expect is the average for the completed drawings in my gallery.

Secondly, I offer four types of commissions, depending on what you may need. This is very important because they can be very different and the prices vary a lot.
•Specific commissions, similar to what one can expect from a typical commission in the fandom, using refs, specific poses and detailed scenarios. Only use this if you really want a specific character, if you have a specific scenario in mind or a complicated idea.
•Character commissions, paying me to draw a given character, but the theme and pose are entirely up to me.
•Situation commissions, similar to specific commissions but without a referenced character. You can still specify the gender, age, species and general looks but I shouldn’t have to see a reference.
•Unspecific commissions, basically paying me to draw a certain theme or fetish, but it cannot be complicated. With this I’m just given suggestions or basic themes, not scenarios. Of course more than one fetish can be given, as long as they do not clash, or as long as they’re closely related.

I plan on increasing the prices with demand, but for now:
Specific = 80$ base price; +40$ per extra character.
Character = 50$ base price; +25$ per extra character.
Situation = 50$ base price; +20$ per extra character.
Unspecific = 20$ base price; +10$ per extra character.

Drawings can come in different levels of quality, some cheaper than others. The prices work as a percentage of the original price, going over the total for easy maths.
•Regular fully shaded: 100%
•Minimally shaded / simple shading: 80%
•Flat colors: 75%
•Detailed sketch: 50%
•Linedoodle: 20%
•Scribble: 10%
•Pixeldoodle (higher res): 80%
•Flat color Pixeldoodle (higher res): 40%
•Pixeldoodle (very small): 20%
These apply over the total prices based on the type of commission (specific, character, situation or unspecific) and number of characters.
So if the total price is 100$ and the percentage is 50%, then the actual price would drop to 50$.
For a more complex number, something like 145$ in a percentage of 80% would be 116$.

31/12/2021 I also plan on starting to charge more for characters I haven’t seen before, so in the future I will charge extra if I have to see a new reference, compared to drawing a character I’ve drawn before. For now I will give people some time to commission me and expose me to the refs before the price increases, though, to make things fair. Might last for like a month or two.
I know it’s stupid but my feelings are telling me to protect myself harder, if I have to see art in the form of references, I want more money for it.

REWARD SALES: I keep track of the money people spend on me and when you accumulate enough, you get some free bonuses:
•For every 100$: One FREE pixel-doodle unspecific commission (simple artstyle, single character).
•For every 500$: One FREE unspecific commission (normal artstyle, up to TWO characters), OR character/situation commission (normal style, single character).
•For every 1000$: One FREE specific commission up to TWO characters (normal artstyle) OR character/situation commission up to THREE characters (normal artstyle, single character).
•For every 2000$: One FREE specific commission up to FIVE characters (normal artstyle).

These do not negate eachother, meaning that 2000$ accumulated on me gives you 1 five-char specific commission, 2 two-char specific commissions, 4 one-char unspecific commissions and 20 one-char unspecific pixel-doodles. You don’t have to choose which reward you get, you get all of them
They can be claimed at any point you wish, no pressure, and yes, this counts for people who commissioned me before I made this change.

31/12/2021 The extra price for new refs will probably not apply here unless I change my mind, since this is a reward after all, meaning that this would be a good way to make me see refs I haven’t seen before without paying extra, which is probably part of the reward.

As of now I can only accept payments through PayPal, and I require that you contact me first and that I am the one to send the invoice, after we agree on what you want to pay for.  PM me if interested.

Now I will go into a lot more detail about this and clarify what they mean since it can be confusing. I will also explain the slot system that can limit the commission queue.

Specific commissions are more similar to the traditional style of commissions you might expect from the average artist.
They are more expensive than unspecific commissions, but give the commissioner way finer control over the poses, themes, fetishes and characters involved.
Very high levels of detail in the descriptions are considered reasonable, as well as being given full storylines or subtleties to represent.

The best use of specific commissions is when you need given themes to be applied to a given character, when you need multiple characters of your choice interacting, or when you have a certain specific situation in mind that you would like to see represented visually.
If the character you want drawn doesn't belong to you or to me, be sure to check if I would allow myself to draw that or not.

If you do not need something very specific and just wants me to tap into a certain theme, or make a drawing that just involves a certain fetish, without it being too complicated, or without wanting me to depict a specific scene or scenario, then consider saving money by getting an unspecific commission instead.
The same goes if you need something extremely simple that takes way less effort than a regular drawing, but you’d still want me to do it anyway, such as alternate versions of existing drawings.

If you want your character drawn, but don’t want to pay for a whole specific situation (or don’t even have one in mind), then consider a character commission, as that would save some money.
And if you want the opposite of that, the situation but without a specified character, then consider a situation commission.

Specific commission slots are generated every 10 complete drawings that I publish. This is done in order to limit the dilution of my own originality in my gallery.
Slots are capped at 5 at a time.

Character commissions are a way to get me to draw a certain character or characters you would like to see without paying the full price of a specific commission when it is not needed, or without having to wait for more specific commissions lots.
They do not give the commissioner full control about what is drawn, other than the specified character. Beyond that all ideas are up to me. This is mostly for people who really just want a certain character (usually their sonas) but do not care about the theme at all or that much.
If the character you want drawn doesn't belong to you or to me, be sure to check if I would allow myself to draw that or not.

I ask of people to not try to nudge me twoards any specific themes with this because it will probably cause grievances. It is still acceptable to give very vague indications of the themes you enjoy.
Note that this means in general, not the themes you want for this one picture, but things you would enjoy seeing with the given character (I know it is possible to not want certain themes with certain characters even if you enjoy the themes).
Think of it like this: If you commission this type with your sona, then you say all themes you'd enjoy seeing with your sona anytime. If you commission your sona again, I wouldn't have to ask for the themes again, since I would already have the information.

These indications should be around entire fetish families, not anythinng specific. Here are some examples (careful if you worry about reading some examples):
Saying scat is okay, specifying smearing or eating is not.
Saying pee is okay, specifying drinking, soaking or marking is not.
Saying bathroom desperation or accidents is acceptable but thin ice, the interpretation on how to convey that is entirely up to me.
Saying foot fetishes is okay, specifying footjobs, foot focus or feet on face is not.
Saying zoophilia fetishes is okay, specifying the animal or sapience level of the animal is not.
Saying pedophilia fetishes is okay, specifying further like the age or how it is happening is not.
Saying domination/submission is okay, as well as which character should be which, but specifying how the domination or submission is happening is not.
Saying bondage is okay, specifying the type of bondage is not.
Saying sadism, masochism or sadomasochism is okay, but specifying how it is happening isn't.
Saying fetish gear or kink suits is okay, but specifying the type and looks is not.
Saying BDSM in general is totally okay, but going in detail is not.
Saying mind control or hypnosis is okay, but specifying how it is happening isn't.
Saying general forms of transformation (gender, species, age, genital, anatomy/partialistic, monster, etc.) is mostly acceptable, but even just a bit more detail can make it too specific. Thin ice.
Saying micro, macro or microXmacro is okay, but how that is portrayed is entirely up to me (and might lack some stuff people usually like with these fetishes, due to my issues with bad stuff).

On top of that, saying whether you would like the theme intensity to be mild, realistic or extreme is okay, but the interpretation of what that means is up to me. These aren't solid rules but JUST EXAMPLES on how shallow you should go with the themes. Usually if more than three words/terms are needed you went too deep.
If you need to go into deeper detail, consider a full price specific commission instead.

For themes to be AVOIDED, on the other hand, you can be a lot more specfic, but if the list is gigantic then consider a specific commission instead. It is totally acceptable to specify that you don't want some fetishes, genders, gender matches (m/m, m/f, f/f), ages, species and so on.

Relationships don't even have to be talked about, since if I'm given two or more characters and the desired fetish is their relationship (age diff, size diff, incest, interspecies, m/m, m/f, f/f, etc.), then it will happen automatically.

Character commission slots are generated every 5 complete drawings that I publish. This is done in order to limit the dilution of my own originality in my gallery.
Slots are capped at 10 at a time.

Situation commissions are the opposite of character commissions, pretty much a specific commission with an unspecified character.
The commissioner still has fine control over the poses, themes and fetishes, but I should not have to see any character’s reference sheet. Characters can still be vaguely described, such as in gender, age, species and general looks (tall/short, thin/bulky, rough/soft, sensual/cute/cool, colors, and so on), as long as it doesn’t get too detailed (if it does, that is fine, but I shouldn’t be expected to deliver on all details).
Very high levels of detail in the descriptions are considered reasonable, as well as being given full storylines or subtleties to represent.

The best use of situation commissions is when you really want a certain situation, but doesn’t want to pay more for existing characters. Basically having a certain specific situation in mind that you would like to see represented visually, as long as it doesn’t need to be a certain character and instead could be applied to an archetype (shy nerdy girl, bi-curious guy, MILF tsundere and so on).

Situation commission slots are generated every 5 complete drawings that I publish. This is done in order to limit the dilution of my own originality in my gallery.
Slots are capped at 10 at a time.

Unspecific commissions are a way to get me to draw themes or fetishes you would like to see without paying the full price of a specific commission when it is not needed, or without having to wait for more specific commissions lots.
They do not give the commissioner full control about what is drawn, and instead only hope to fulfill a given combination of broad themes.

To buy one is like paying for a suggestion to be taken into account. I will ignore requests and suggestions that are NOT paid for, and while suggesting something or giving me ideas will not cause me to actively avoid them like some corporations do, I will probably pay them no mind either way, causing them to be lost in the sea of ideas I naturally have. However, if you buy an unspecific commission, it makes sure your suggestion isn’t only paid attention to, but that it will actually show up and be delivered quite soon (though I might take a while to post due to me wanting to post things in order).

If you just want a concept, theme or fetish to show up in my gallery either again or for the first time without having to wait for me to tackle it randomly on my own accord, then this is the ideal way to guarantee it.

Unspecific commission slots are generated every 5 complete drawings that I publish. This is done in order to limit the dilution of my own originality in my gallery.
Slots are capped at 10 at a time.

There are subdivisions for unspecific commissions:

Meant to be used if all you want is to see a theme or fetish show up in my gallery, especially if you don’t particularly care about who is the subject of the drawing as long as those themes are being used on someone. Meaning only themes and fetishes can be given and no characters can be specified.
The themes or fetishes given must be broad and general, without things like descriptions of poses or narrative situations that I would have to take into account.
On the other hand, things that I will need to tackle anyway by default (such as gender, age, species and the character’s response to the situation) can be stacked in a single unspecific commission, as long as not a lot of other themes were stacked. Fetishes or themes that are very close to one another can also be stacked.
If you wish to have more control over the pose, how the fetishes or themes go together or what character is used for the drawing, then consider getting a full specific commission. Same if you would like it to represent a whole storyline or sequence of events.

This is for when I share a fully written-out idea, doodle or an unfinished drawing that you would like to see completed or at least drawn in better quality.
The price scales with character count and can get cheaper depending on how many "steps" are left to do.
These steps are:
•Creating a detailed sketch (one that captures the pose and details as they would be in the next steps).
•Going from sketch to flat colors.
•Shading and finishing the drawing.
If the idea is just text or a doodle, then all steps are needed. If it's a flat color, then only the last step is needed, etc.
•Needing all 3 steps would charge the full price of an unspecific commission (100%)
•Needing 2 steps would charge 50% of the final price.
•Needing only 1 step would charge 25% of the final price.
So if there is a sketch in my scraps you'd really want to see at least flat colors of, that would only be 25% of the standard unspecific commission price listed at the top of this journal.
THIS COMMISSION TYPE TAKES OR NEEDS NO SLOTS (since they are finishing my own drawings), so as long as commissions are open this is valid.
But that does mean that this grants no control over what goes in the drawing, since I already keep records of what each of my drawings/doodles were supposed to be.

I used to charge a fixed price of 20$ for each extra version, but now I'm changing it to make things more flexible and fair, even if it does complicate things a bit.
If you'd like alternate versions of your commission, now they have come in two tiers:
•The 10$ version, which is when quite a bit of redrawing is needed, but not enough to justify a brand new commission.
•The 5$ version, which is when minimal change is needed, either hiding layers and just making things fit together afterwards, or small changes that can be easily isolated (if they don't intersect any other lines).
Small changes like hiding fluids or dialogue are free.
Each character that needs to be redrawn would charge an extra version, whether it's a 10$ or a 5$ one. This means that if you have two characters, and you want them both nude and clothed, that would be an extra version for each character, so 20$, since the clothes require fresh new drawing.
If after that you want a version where just one of the characters is bottomless, that would be just 5$ on top of the 20$, since the shirt would be there already as well as the nude version, only requiring that I erase the bottom.

Extra panels and poses or images in a sequence can charge either like a whole new drawing or like just an extra character, on my discretion. But usually, if a lot of elements around the character need to change (like a different angle with a background and people around), then that’s probably the price of an individual drawing, while just another view of the character with no background or no other elements around them would probably charge the price of an extra character in the drawing.

As discussed at the end of this , I may not be willing to draw certain things, even if they are things that I have posted before.

TL;DR: Feel bad content, grimdark settings, dark depictions of sexuality, bad endings, characters dying or crying.
But then there can still be some annoying edge cases and extra things, so I’ll just go through everything here again, but not really explaining why or giving any reasoning. For that, go here .

•First of all, I will not draw any of my characters having interactions with things from outside my universes, which means I wouldn’t draw them interacting with other people’s characters. The only exception are the characters designated for that stuff (such as some version of my sona and Kat’s, since we’re multiversal, but our original selves from Prime Universe, School Universe and so on, would not count).

•I will probably refuse to draw things that go against canon for my more important universes, which means that something very out of character or something that isn’t part of that specific setting are out of question. The limitations that come from this are complicated because it depends on the fetish. Many fetishes can be part of a picture even if it’s not a fetish for the character. If uncharacteristic things are happening, I will refuse, but if what is being asked for is part of the character’s routine, or reasonable for them to have done at some point of their lives, then I’ll probably still draw it.

•Will also refuse things that could be the set-up for something that I could worry about, or open-ended situations that might be potentially harmful. This can include any forms of peril (be it under risk of death, very serious gore or even loss of something precious, or risk of failing something important and disappointing someone).
The drawing must make it clear that a bad outcome is not likely, and that the character will be okay and not suffer any distress. Title, description and even text/dialogue must be ignored for this.
More specifically, some examples are open-ended kidnappings, mind-possession, absorption or vore, permanent inanimate transformations, disposal, abandonment, character drama or any situations that could be easily interpreted to lead to these.

•Gore or things that could definitely be called harmful, as well as peril situations that might result in such harm even if the character is immortal. This actually extends to characters that are not made from flesh, such as plushies, piñatas, living objects, robots and so on. Only exceptions are characters made from goo, slime or putty that are just having their form changed and not being harmed.

•Sexualization of fear, even in a positive or pleasurable context. Things like fear sex or fear arousal, with having sex or masturbating as forms of comfort, or just being directly aroused from being afraid or startled, or even being attracted to the thing they’re afraid of. Exceptions to this might be sillier things that aren’t really fear, like that look someone gives to a dildo that is bigger than their torso.

•Depiction of characters tearing up, crying or sobbing are out of question due to some personal issues I have with this stuff, even if out of very positive emotions. Only exceptions are tiny tears from intense physical pleasure or intense physical sensations, as long as not a single tear streams down their face.

•Depictions of death or other things that might represent the end or total destruction of a character’s being, body, consciousness or self. As well as  things that present an immediate risk of such destruction, that will logically lead to or cause it in some way, or even that are only simulated, dreamed, imagined or pretended, even if it can or will be reversed. It doesn’t matter if the characters like it or not, or if they want it or not.

•Anything that deals with objectively bad endings, tragedy, grimdark content, shock-value or disregard for an individual’s fate or existence. With bad endings meaning that the individual goes through something very final or definitive that takes something very precious away from them or those close to them, such as their dignity, virginity, sanity, freedom or life, causing a considerable amount of stress or suffering.

•Characters having a high disregard for morality or virtue, extended to very serious situations. Concepts that explore “realistic” risks and/or consequences for things that are very wrong or distasteful in real life, portraying the social understanding of the setting to be like ours in the real world, even if the involved characters end up okay and nothing bad happens.

•Depictions of lust or sexuality in a very negative and undesirable light, leading to negative consequences, causing regret afterwards, facilitating/luring characters into doing things that makes them feel worse about their morality afterwards, or facilitating/luring characters into doing things that might harm them or others, such as bad/risky behavior. Basically, depictions of a vicious cycle of behavior where an individual is bound by desire to do things that cause them distress.

•Violent intent, very aggressive behavior towards another or characters with genuine intent to harm and/or cause others to suffer a bad fate. This includes characters being very cruel, evil or extremely sadistic, even if nothing bad is happening, or if the victim wants/desires it, secretly or not.
An exception to this is when the sadist has the victim’s pleasure as a goal, or when their pleasure is coming from making someone have fun, even if in a weird and absurd way, but still never being too evil or violating other rules in this list.

• Truly negative emotions or situations depicting/focusing on the character’s feelings, showing that they are negative. This catches things like suffering, misery, hopelessness, genuine despair, agony or any other dark and bleak emotions. Generally if the character wishes for it to stop, or to just be over already, seeking some escape from what is happening, then it falls under this.
Exceptions are if the character would actually dislike it more if it stopped (for being anti-climactic or denying them further engagement), showing that they were actually liking it, given that it doesn’t also violate any other rules in this list. This still allows for things like pain, discomfort, annoyance, feistiness, envy, mild anger, light-hearted fright and other similar things, as long as it’s not taken to regrettable levels.

•Self-destructive tendencies, self-loathing or other forms of disregard for one’s self and a desire to be cruel to one’s self, or to suffer a bad fate. Intent and emotion here are more important than the actual fate, it matters if the character considers it a bad fate and still desires it. All characters must be seeking fun and pleasure for themselves, or at least be indifferent, never self-destructive or self-punishing. This probably doesn’t become relevant for pretty much any scenarios, but I’m still pointing it out for completion.

Feel free to ask for clarification if you think you might have further exceptions or things you think I should have included too based on the gist of the others.

Due to me not wanting exposure to franchises, I will not draw any rule 34. If this only applies to the species of a chracter I don't really mind, as long as I am only sent the reference sheet of your character, and nothing else about the franchise (try not to mention franchise's name or other details, just send the character sheet and what you want me to draw).

If I am required to use a reference, please try to keep it to reference sheets only if possible. I'd  like to minimize exposure to other artists' yiff or fetish drawings.

I am not particularly picky with a lot of stuff involving this, but I guess there are some things that are important to list.
I ask that you send a PM saying that you agree with these. It sounds stupid but I came to realize that since I can edit this journal at any moment, it’s kinda useless to just have these here and say that anyone who commissions has agreed. I don’t think that would hold up. Just do “I agree with the terms:” and repeat these points.

•You agree that I will be the one sending the invoice, and that you will not send me any money on your own.
•You recognize that I will only start working on the commission after the payment arrives on my PayPal.
•You agree to not give my PayPal address to others.
•You agree to make no mentions of it being lewd content to PayPal or any affiliated entities.
•You agree to make no changes in the idea or concept of the drawing after payment is accepted. Previous messages will be the only basis for the drawing.
•If you want rule 34 and could show something that indicates the creator/owner of the characters won't mind, you agree to assume responsibility over whether or not the artwork offends or bothers them.

•You are definitely allowed to repost the commission anywhere you want, no need to ask permission. Just please name me, of course.
•You may request me to not post the commission in my galleries, but you must say so, as permission for me to post is the default.
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