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Animethon 19 Atrist Alley and other things...

A few things to cover here, here we go

CONVENTIONS - the paperwork for that is FINALLY complete and I just finished sending in my payment. Now I can safely announce that I will be attending Animethon 19's artist alley. (As some of you know Animethon 19 is the only convention that I can afford to sell at right now, so this is the only chance you'll be able to catch me live and in person) Now to figure out the best set up for all my prints x.x On an up note though, since I don't have to pay for the dealers room, or 25% price inflation for the f***ing ticket system, I can afford to sell my prints cheaper =) so look forward to that ^_^

FOR THOSE TRYING TO CONTACT ME ON MSN - and I never respond. Yeah, I can't get the damn program working, every time someone messages me and I click on the window to respond I get a blank screen of nothing. I'm not ignoring you or trying to avoid anyone, I just literally can't respond in that program, so please use another messenger if you want to contact me. Also to answer the "why do you keep going on MSN if it doesn't work for you?" question before it is asked. It's because it's starts up automatically with my computer, sometimes I forget to close it right away or someone else in my house started up my computer and don't close it.

HEALTH - Went to one of the doctors on Friday and got put on a new medication that will help prevent the lupus from attacking my organs. I also mentioned that the med he had me on was making me really tired all the time, so he put me on a different versions of the drug, it's the same thing, just instead of taking a pill I take the meds through injection... sound fun yes =_=... the injection version is supposed to be more effective, and has less side effects. I've only taken it once so far and my problem of being tired all the time and constantly sleeping seems to be cured. I wake up when I'm supposed to even BEFORE my alarm goes off, and I can get through the entire day without getting tired until it's time for me to go to bed again. So I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY happy that this is working out for me.

Other things worth mentioning, I managed to finish one of my evil 'this is a junk drawing it's not worth wasting my time on and finishing' sketches and I must admit it doesn't look half bad, for those looking forward to the next Raven Wolf comic page I'm getting started on the next comic page as soon as I finish typing this journal. Also because of internet problems that have been plaguing my house I won't be streaming my doing arts stuffs all that much, and if I do it will be on join.me as it takes less bandwidth. Not sure what's up with the internet lately, my bro really needs to call and see what's up.
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