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fetish meme >///<

stolen from

this looked like fun so i thought i'll try it out

(+++) ^-^ yay
(++) okay
(+) alright, i guess
(~) neutral, indifferent
(-) um, no thanks.
(--) no way!!
(---) Get it away from me!
(?) ??? i have no idea.

Anal on Males +++
^.^ oh yea

Anal on Females ---
is not really into females ^^;;;

Breasts --

Breast Expansion --

Weight Gain -

Bondage ++
ooh this can be fun, and i especially love the latex and pvc outfits that often goes with it <3

Clothing ++
its fun to wear various outfits during "playtime" ^^

Leather +
could be fun to wear ^w^

Stockings +++
Hell yes! i love stockings, specially thigh high ones with ribbons on them <3..... oh wait this is for when others wear them?

Shoe/Boots ++
I love wearing long boots ^^

Suit and Tie +
not really but i guess it could be hot on a dommy male

Muscle, Male ++
oooh :3 buff males are sexy, speecially when they are scalies

Muscle, Female --

Herm ~

Cub/Shota +
only look at piccys of drawn  ones for outfits and such

Baby/Diaper  ~
can be fun to wear aslong as i dont have to "use" them

Transformation ++
can be really fun, specially when it involves latex :3

Macro/Micro +
kinda scary but i bet a macro tongue would feel amazingly slimy

Impregnation -

Pregnancy --

Lactation -

Anal Vore ~
is ok with this aslong as there is no digestion

Soul Vore -

Cock Vore ~
is ok with this aslong as there is no digestion

Standard Soft Vore ~
is ok with this aslong as there is no digestion

Standard Hard Vore ---
O.O scary!

Paw/Foot +
dont mind it, would imagine a dom would make me worship his feet with my tongue

Incest +
only in fantasy

Clonecest ~

Yuri (F/F) ---

Yaoi (M/M) ++

Hetero (M/F) ---

Girly Boys ++
i am a girly boy so they are awesome, although im not that atracted to other girly boys

Butch Girls ---

Mind Control ++.
seems like fun, its like the ultimate form of submission to someone

Rape --
no i dont like this very much especially since ive experienced it irl....

Uniform ++
oooh this is hot to see and fun to wear too ^^

Orgy ++
i'd love to experience being in one..although my mate would never let me ^^;;;

Subbing/Domming +++
i love having some domming me and dressing me up in anything that they desire

Biting +
 only softly

Solo Masturbation; Male +
its pretty nice, but doing it with someone is more fun

Solo Masturbation; Female --

Scat ---

Inflation ++
inflatible outfits and pooltoys <3

Fat/Pudge ~

Tech +
does skintight space suits count with this?

Watersports ~
doesnt taste as bitter as one would suspect o.o

Glasses ---
glasses is such a turn-off x_x

Tentacles +++
*drools* too bad they dont exist irl ^^;;

Oviposition --

Masochism ~
maybe light one

Sadism  --

Partial Nudity+
its fun ^^

Gore ---
Scary o.o

Snuff ---
same as above o.o

Hyper +

Zoophilia ~

Electricity  -
seems painfull o.o

She-males ~

Cross-dressing +++
this is like asking me if water is wet XD ofcourse i love it

Oral ++
cum is so yummy *giggle* although too big cocks makes me unable to breathe x_x

Asphyxiation --

Wet-look +

Mud/Quicksand etc -

Sinking -

Spooge +++
love it <3 its so yummy and feels amazing if it lands on my skin

Tickling --
im extremly ticklish o.o

Vomit ---
No, just gross

Body hair --

Older men/women+
in fantasy since i am a cub :3

Skinny figure ~

Needles/pricking ---
im terrified of needles o.o

Body Paint +
this could be really fun ^^

Plants ++
this involves tentacles doesnt it? <3

added by other furs

absorption/fusion -

Panties +++
are so fun to wear ^w^

Facials ++
ooh..so fun <3

Fisting --
o.o painful

Rimjobs ~
only if clean there

sounding --
o.o painful

Double Penetration ++
i'd love to try this but i think i'm too tight

JockStraps ~

Humiliation -
Frottage ?

Kissing/Making out +++
love it, specially ones with tongue <3

Public Sex +
seems like fun, but oh so embarrasing *blushes*

Voyerism ~

Exhibitionism ++
i kinda get super "excited" infront of cameras

Object rape ?
would being fucked by a living pooltoy count?

Toys/dildos ++
fun :3

SnowBalling/cum swapping +
can be yummy fun

Feltching -

Condoms +
its good to be safe, but it can also be fun to eat cum out of one

Age difference +
only in fantasy

Puppy play ++
is fun with leashes and such ^w^ any kind of petplay is fun


Tail huggling ++
yay ^w^
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
x3 you bet that dad wouldnt let you into an orgy xD
I agree, only with close friends would it be fun tho. *shudder*

We have an awful lot in common, Gaki :3 Cept I make Glasses look good xD
6 years, 8 months ago
bondage +xdress... the best :3
6 years, 8 months ago
yeah it is <3
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