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Hello! ≺(☉‿‿☉)≻

I'm the admin of a wiki where my team translates webcomics in a very specific way. Mostly on the subject of furry, there are sections about Simba's world, wolves, little ponies, also there is science fiction and comics about computer games. Our license is CC BY-NC-SA, the freest available in our field. Despite our fan uncommercial status, we try to reach out to every author whose work we take into translation, and we put in the descriptions all the author's financial references we can find.

Original, permission to distribute is granted by the author

In order to preserve our collective nature, we do not use Photoshop but a specially adapted web-editor called CoTAN (comic translator by applicable notes). The editor operates with two types of stickers - background color and text on a transparent background. All the rest - rotation, size, color, font - is available. And the base font is not Comic Sans! Theoretically, the author can even post a retouched drawing on their own and put text where they like.

Our version, is also used as the basis for translation into other languages
Also, it is available for reading by special programs for people with physical disabilities

This markup architecture has allowed for extensive "clonable" multilingualism, but I have so far settled on 2 dozen languages, including such artificial ones as Sindarin and Esperanto. Our main auto-translator is the convolutional neural network DeepL, which also helped to write this text. Additional translators are Google Translate and Yandex Translate. Nevertheless, I am making an effort to involve native speakers. The main goal of my project I see as removing cultural boundaries in the field of webcomics, seriously.

French version, checked by native speaker

The result can be output in a finished form, photographed by a special bot. Also, if the comic was published quite a long time ago and its current size is unsatisfactory, and the sources are lost, you can pass it through the Waifu2x-Caffe neural network, which enlarges and cleans it of compression artifacts. After that we not only allow the authors to reuse the result, but even recommend doing so.

German version, checked by native speaker

Eventually I envision us evolving into a compact group of high-performance neural networks for recognizing, translating, publishing, and distributing comics, but for now my project can be considered a technical assignment for that.

Russian version, checked by native speaker

I will not cite the other eight existing versions, as they have not been tested by native speakers.

Thank you for your attention! ≺(☉‿‿☉)≻
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8 months, 1 week ago
Hi there! Just caught sight of a question you posted to staff about the this (we have rather a large backlog, trying to address it...).

You had trouble uploading something because the site does not yet support the WEBP file format. You can use only PNG, JPG or GIF for images. Probably the first would be most appropriate unless the work is realistically-rendered.

As for suitability of your work to post here, see our content policy:
" Posting submissions that contain portions of other artists' work (such as using them for backgrounds or other components) is allowed only if you have received their permission to do so. The works you create using portions of other artists' work must be sufficiently unique to be considered a new creation.

Posting re-colors or shading of other artists' work is allowed if they have given permission directly to you, and when it is clear you put in significant effort to change or enhance that work. Simply adjusting hue and color balance values, or other superficial changes are not sufficient.
A translation would be sufficiently different. But you need the permission of the original artist to post the translation here.

If you do not have permission from the original creators you should not post it here. Linking may be acceptable but if they contact us about it, we will probably remove it, on the grounds that they may have commercial interests in the comic that could be harmed.
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