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A new page and autocritique

Now Furaffinity no is a site of liberal expression for the banned loli. All are here to expresive this feel.
I hope that Inkbunny will have a great future.

For me, my hentai art its very bad.
Still i dont make a pic hentai in this year,  for me its the art more hard. Its important the anatomy.
I hope make good hentai pics in 2011.
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Added: 8 years, 1 month ago
8 years, 1 month ago

Well for me, F.A. had a tough decision because AlertPay is being picky about "child porn", and from my point of view: these people are overreacting because of imaginary/non-existing porno that should not be fear of. At least F.A. is still accepting general hentai, which it's why i'm staying there for my general furry/human hentai, as well my oddball stuff that i'm shy to upload at DeviantART.

I understand about "not making good hentai". I did my own batch as well (again located at F.A.) and now with my teachings from Live Drawing classes, I took the next step in drawing the "block figure sketch" (or stick figures) first before I go to the anatomy. [And which it's neat that you are working on it! :D]

This is not relevant to the journal, but I'm curious to ask: Have you look at the ACP yet? Normally InkBunny only allowed ALL furry artwork content, with the acceptance of human characters as long they are not in hentai/sexual poses/scenes! @_@ So... It's a shock that nude-humans are appearing at the "Recent" section, and I just have to check you out. ^^; Also, i'm not here to start a war. I'm just now confused if InkBunny accepts human-nude. :S

Hope you have a good 2011 as well!
8 years, 1 month ago
Thank you for the comment. ^^

First, Excuse me if my english its bad, im spanish.

Law antiloli: I understand you point of view, I accept the rules because i understand that the pedofile its a bad situation, inclusive in Japan can will accept a new rule law with the animes, mangas and videogames with the loli banned all, only in Tokyo.
I am not a pedofile but I like the hentai loli because some girls are cutes and i like follow the artists that i admire. And I see it like a form of expression.

My pics hentai: In this year i make alot of comics mangas nohentai and i see that I improve alot with this and now my anatomy its better, but still i dont see me with confident to make hentai pics. I hope have more in 2011.

Inkbunny rules: Yes, they deleted me all the pics human with low parts (genitals). Only this, you can submit all the pics human with the breast nude, but with penis and vagina no. You can see a demostration in my gallery with the pic of Princess Peach.
I dont angry with this, for me its good because of this form they obligated me to make furry art. Maybe I need this.

Thats all.
Thank you ^^
8 years, 1 month ago
We're OK with "artistic nude without genitalia" but if they are visibly aroused or it is otherwise clearly sexual, then it falls into the "human erotica" category - and as you have said elsewhere, this is not a part of the story that we're trying to tell here. :-)
8 years, 1 month ago
These is a site furry, and of all the site furry that i know.
This is the unique (and the first that I know) in want only furry art. This dont mean that the human art its discriminated, but if this site was created was for the furry fans, and of this form I understand this rules.
I like see always the bad things of form positive, and this is my positive opinion about the banned total nude human.

Anyway, thanks for you comment.
You cheer up me to make a bit of furry art.
I must try it for less.

Salut ^^
8 years, 1 month ago
I notice your accent or how you type that you are not a native english speaker. ^^;

Yea. Laws and whut-nut. I do like some loli too and OF COURSE we are not pedophiles!

Okay. I'm pretty much brain-dead. But I guess we are all good~ And i'll give you a good Watch as well~ :)
8 years, 1 month ago
Thanks for understand me. ^^
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