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Pools BBQ

Hey guys, did you know InkBunny? Of course you do, dont you? Well, it happens InkBunny has a funky pool system, where you can group submissions. Your submissions. So if you are like me and dont ever submit anything, you can skip this journal because it has nothing to do with you anyway!

Now, if you happen to submit something, like tons of somethings. Then you might want to use the pool system. For instance, lets assume you want to separate your fanart submissions from the rest, then... you do not use the pool system. You use a tag. Because there is a tag for that, nobody wants people pooling "Canine" or "Males" or whatever-the-thing-that-can-be-done-with-tags.
Now, again, let us assume that you have made a long comic and you are updating it from time to time. Then you use the pool system. Because you dont need to add FIRST BACK NEXT LAST in the description, since you have the pool system. You dont need to add PAGE 1, 2, 3, N in the description either, since you have the pool system. You just add the submission to the pool and done.
But that system isnt only made for comics either! Let us assume that you somehow managed to make various pictures, which share a similar thing, which cant be tagged. Like... huh... "Black Boots of The Slutish" or "Pictures of my Fursona!" or "Commisions". Then you might want to use the pool system.
By the way, if you have a picture that you want to put in the "Black Boots of The Slutish" pool, in the "Pictures of my Fursona!" pool, in the "Commissions" pool, and it just happens to be part of a comic, then you put it in four pools at once. It says you can put a picture in as many pools as you might wish.

Oh, and I dont use the pool system. Why dont I use the pool system? Because all my submissions can be seen in a single page. The profile page. No need grouping them. That doesnt mean I dont know to use it either!
For instance, if I wanted to group together the stuff I have been giving for free for months now that I promised months ago. I would go to the Araclast pic, click Edit Pools on the top of the page, create a new pool for the stuff I have been giving for free for months now that I have promised months ago, click add and... there new pool. Now, I go to the LittleOrion pic, you know, that one with a tennis ball gag. Click Edit Pools, and click the big + button in the pool I created for the stuff I have been giving for free for months now that I have promised months ago.
Wait! LittleOrion posted on the journal much before Araclast! Shouldnt he be first in order? Well, then I go to my profile page, click Pools right under my username, click the pool I just created, click Order in Owner Options, then I move Araclast down. There, fixed!
 See just how easy it is to create a TWO SUBMISSION POOL? And, thats why I dont have any pools. Or I didnt have any pools, until I created one for this journal.

I dont know what kind of pool-less art site you are used with(probably FA, DA has pools), but if you want to play on InkBunny you gotta swim in the pools. Seriously, go group your stuff, some of us dont even have stuff to go grouping around, so you consider yourself lucky you can do that.

By the way, BEHOLD! A pool:
Scheknul Ballbusting by OddRaccoon
Viewed: 18 times
Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
Lol, come on in, the water's fine! X3
7 years, 1 month ago
mmmmm,,.. this kitty likes water to ;3
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