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Hoping to get my drive back

I just can't seem to stop sleeping from my medication, it's a really pain to try and get anything done. I've managed to very slowly continue writing but when it comes to drawings I just can't seem to be happy with anything I make and end up trashing or leaving the image to never get finished.

Starting the Monday of this week mom has been dragging me along to an "Artist Cafe" that her church runs. Where it's basically, a bunch of artists (doesn't matter what your art drawing, painting, music, crafting) get together and just hang out and do what they do be that jamming on an instrument or painting a picture. It's pretty neat I admit, but also a little bit awkward for me for several reasons, the biggest thing being I was the only cartoonist as well as only author there, most of the other artists being in the 'fine arts' field and working with acrylics and water colours, I felt rather out of place. Also it was very embarrassing when someone would ask to see my work and I would say "Sure" without thinking, and then open up my sketchbook to some unfinished picture of a naked women or two guys making out. (I totally bought a new sketchbook so that I would not run into this problem the next week...) Regardless it wasn't so bad, the live music was nice to work to and it was good to get out of the house and meet other artists.

Other then that though I've been getting pretty frustrated with my drawings, as I can never seem to finish them. Then I remembered a sketch that I did for fun one time.
> http://fav.me/d4d8a0w
I had drawn it only intending for it to be nothing more than a sketch, but then I ended up getting a lot of favorites and comments on it, which made me want to finish it, so I did
> http://fav.me/d4dnyxp
I started to think, that maybe if it worked for that sketch, that it would work for other sketches I started and then gave up on, never intending to finish.

So I have gone through my sketch books of 'junk' and come up with a few images (That aren't too humiliating with their terribleness, but still rather bad...) to upload so see if it helps motivate me into finishing the image like it did the above one.

So very sorry for those that see my updates and are expecting good art, as these are all images I previously stopped working on and trashed with the intent of never going back to them. I'm very often not happy with my art, and my family and friends are telling me that I'm being much too hard on myself and not giving my pictures a chance. So perhaps some other opinions aside my own "This sucks and should be in the garbage" will help me realize that it's not as garbage as I might think, and hopefully result in me finishing them.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
You shouldn't push yourself so much. Don't forget, drawing should be fun. Sometimes it helps to doodle around or drawing something without expecting something just to see what comes out.
7 years ago
Very true
7 years ago
Hope you find your drive. Like your art.
7 years ago
That makes two of us! Woo hoo!
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