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Wow... I'm still in this guys head...

For those that don't know I was really good friends with Shiguya at one time. It was years ago but we spent hours talking and all sorts of things. Then he had a problem with my interest in BDSM and did a poor job of a story for me. I wasn't happy with it and he got defensive saying he felt forced to write it and basically our friendship was over. I'd say he got kinda petty over the fight but all in the past.

Or so I thought. Then I found this posted by him, using a second name.

"Shouldn't try to play out certain things. Things like the late Rakuen is into... *shudders*"

"Rakuen Growlithe. A once-great author who fell deep into his fetishes. He was known for liking heavy bondage (full bodysuit, chains, the works), BDSM, a touch of castration, petplay, and torture. Not the nicest resume of erotic interests, aye?"

-> http://agn.ph/site/chatbox_menu/chat.php?3720 (though I guess they'll move down the list as more posts are made)

It's really weird. We have barely interacted for the last three years or so and haven't had any contact in months but here he is still talking about me. And describing me as "the late." I'm not dead! And I'm still great. (Pretend that was a bit more modest.)

So then I went poking around a bit and found out that about a month ago he reposted a story that he wrote me as a birthday present five years ago, saying that it had been bothering him for the last few years. He did make a change by removing all references to me though by changing my character.

It's so strange. I've got two stories I did for him, one as a birthday present as well, and they've never bothered me. I'm quite proud of them because they are some of my best works. I just find it amazing I'm still in his head like that.

Shiguya, if you read this. Forget about it. That fight was years ago. There's really no point still being upset over it.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago


6 years, 11 months ago
o.0 What?
6 years, 11 months ago
Down boy, don't flatter yourself. When I mentioned your name on agnph it was while talking about several authors who no longer hang around the site. And the reposted story was because I got tired of letting a childish attitude keep me from showing off one of me... lesser, but still reasonably well written works. I find it to be the opposite... while I have all but dismissed you, you seem to be lurking around and following me. Really, I doubt it's more than coincidence that you ran across it (or maybe you were sniffing around for more mentions of your name, dunno), and coincidence it is.

The rest... I'll leave you to piece together. As what fun is it to explain every little action, rather than let the person in question puzzle it out and come to their own conclusions, hmm? I still have no like of you, but as for being in my head, not a chance. I only found this because of someone linking it to me due to it having my name attached to it... funny, isn't it? Someone completely unrelated to anything of the past bringing this... heartwarming though brief meeting together.

Upset? For a time. Again, I let my own childish side cling to things too tightly and did hold a raw grudge for a while. But that has become a thing of the past. I've since putt hat behind me, and found other things to focus on. Though I must thank you for mentioning my name in such high esteem. It's always nice to get a touch of free advertising from others, even if the majority of what attention it might bring is negative. No, as life moves onward a new dawn brings renewed spirits and brighter outlooks on the day to come.

And for the record, the 'alternate name' was to separate my moderation status from the author. Part attempt to separate the two sides of what I do there, and part because I felt like having a true pokesona (and because I like mienshao a bit too much... ahe). Ahh well, thanks for the quick pick-me up, and do try to get me out of your head. It's so troublesome having old feelings and memories cluttering up the place.
6 years, 11 months ago
"Down boy, don't flatter yourself." Petplay reference?

I wasn't following you. I have no idea what you get up to. I was actually Googling myself. Mostly because I'd been trying to find something for a friend without actually logging in to the site but when that didn't work I just got curious and decided to see what all came up with my name. Not sure I'd call all this heart-warming either. Don't feel much about it except maybe disappointment with how things happened.

I know why you changed the name. I only mentioned it in case someone went looking and couldn't find posts by Shiguya. If you're not still bothered by me that's good, it'd be unhealthy otherwise. Guess we can now part ways again for the next period of time. Probably will be while since we seem to have gone to different sites but we're still both involved in the pokemon world so not unlikely.

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