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Avenging Spite

Just came back from dinner and a movie with mah foxy. No guesses to the movie since well...I'm not clever enough to hide it. The Avengers is a great movie. Not perfect when there's just a few things here and there that keep it from being completely accessible to someone who ISN'T a rabid Avengers fan (or at least one that knows more than Big Green Guy = Hulk). However, it all works really well and is a stunning action comedy.

Yes, Action Comedy. Maybe more action than comedy, but this IS Joss Whedon. He does both together and it all works. There are jokes that are set up and paid off when you least expect it. The stinger after the credits is honestly one of the most rewarding stingers I have seen in the last five years.

No, really.


It's not a bad way to spend 2 1/2 hours at all. Take a friend so you have someone to laugh and cheer with.

But I feel like I need to also talk about something that happened at Red Robin, where the aforementioned Foxy and I took our supper before movietimes. We were sat in a little corner table just big enough for us because the main part of the section was taken up by a party of about fourteen people.

It took me just under a minute of scanning them to determine with pretty fine accuracy that each and every one of them was a lesbian. Some were pretty, some were normal...and some were trying to be a male so hard it was rather...well, I can't find a good word to end that sentence. Let's just say Buzzcuts Ahoy and move on.

As Alfie and I ate our dinner (tasty as always at that restaurant), I had a view of the big table which was at his back. Thus was it that I saw a trio of old women in their sixties stand up after they'd finished their meal. One walked off, glancing furtively at the table. Another minded her own business. The third, a woman who looked like she'd had a stick the size of New Hampshire stuck firmly up her ass started accosting the table.

"You need to leave, this isn't a gay bar you know!"

Ahyep. Most of the wind was knocked out of the table's sails and I noticed one who looked like she was about to cry. Painfully. The older woman left after the silent one of her group started tugging her away. She looked like she had won a milestone victory.

So I did what came naturally...was compelled, really. I couldn't stop myself. I...I really couldn't. I stood up too.

I walked over and looked right at the girl who looked hurt the most. They all stopped and looked at me. Alfie watched.

"Don't you dare listen to her. She has no right to tell you your business any more than you do hers. You have just as much right to eat here and be amongst friends and loved ones." I pointed at Alfie. "I am too." They all brightened at that little revelation.

"You aren't hurting anyone, you aren't causing trouble. So you just keep on being you and that's perfectly okay with me and anyone else." The girls all cheered and one actually pointed to the girl who had looked hurt.

"It's her birthday today, so...Thanks."

As I sat down and the waiter brought over our ticket, I told him to do something. He did. As he brought the nice girl her birthday dessert (with offkey and terrible singing as always in those places), he leaned over and told her this:

"Happy Birthday from Red Robin's. The dessert is on us...and your meal is on the gentleman in the grey hoodie over there. He wouldn't take no for an answer and he said it'd be his honor to buy you your birthday meal."

Words...utterly fail me to describe the emotion that went across her face. The best I can say is that she *lit up*, looked at me and smiled.

I gave her a hug and a "Happy Birthday, Sweetie" as we left.

Alfie said I'm a good person. I'm really not...but no one deserves to cry on their birthday. No one. If it took a paid-for meal from an old fool of a wolf, then that's what it took, but no rude, stuck up, selfish and incessant prig was going to steal someone's special day away.

Not while I watched. Not while I had the ability to do something. Even if it was just that, she still smiled.

I really hope it was enough.

...cuz goddamn, that girl's tab was almost as much as Alfie and I's combined meal. Not gonna do THAT kind of thing again for a little bit...whew...
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
Holy shit, do I ever wanna hug you right now. <big giant grin>
7 years, 2 months ago
" Alfie said I'm a good person. I'm really not...

YES, YOU ARE. How many times do I have to say it before you start believing it? >:3
7 years, 2 months ago
Words may show a man's wit but actions his character. Well done Zeph. That was totally awesome of you. *hugs*
7 years, 2 months ago
Dude...... you are awesome!
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