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Happiness is...

Ahh, it may have taken 6 weeks longer than it should have, but our 'guests' are finally moving out tomorrow. Shame I'll have to get up early to help, 'coz I was just in the zone on a picture of a random character that coalesced in my mind a few days ago since rediscovering Wipeout XL/2097, among other things...

He turned out pretty cool, though I won't be posting it now: I seem to have a bad tendancy to not finish 'WIP' things once I post them... so, with no unwanted 'quests' to interrupt me, I shall be quite happy to finish it tomorrow, with colour and a cool background and everything! =D
... ok, so the background might be a little cliche, but... whatever works. =P

When I'm happy or pissed off or... whatever... I really just need to sit down, shut the rest of the world out and draw to music more often. I tried to write something in yesterday's journal about light being a hindrance as well... it sheds too much light on all those possible distractions (such as a computer and desk COVERED in lego...)... sound also seems to travel further at night, or even just in the absense of light...

Spontaneity is good. ^_^
Now that our 'guests' are leaving, I have big plans, so stay tuned, furry fans!! 8P


EDIT: Ok, so I didn't work on that picture today... helping people move is exhausting work! D8 At least it was quiet and peaceful here this afternoon, though, which was a nice change after 6 weeks of a full house!
I'm gonna go ahead and try to get to sleep earlier tonight: my sleeping schedule is messed up... not that I mind lurking around the silent house at night... 83 muahahahaha...!

Hmm, nope, just not feelin' the evil laugh tonight. Man, I really must be exhausted! 8\
Welp, goodnight all. I shall endeavour to finish something (anything!!) for tomorrow.

PS: Oh! Haha! Yes, I actually did draw something today... an astoundingly magnificent blank. Haha...! XP
Yeah... Ok, I'm gonna go to sleep before my unbearably humorous mood makes someone's head explode. No, wait, implode! Yeah, imploding would be funnier... right... totally spacing out right now... in space... with flying motorcycles... I don't know.
Yesterday I said "Spontaneity is good."
This may not have been, but I stand by my accusation... I mean statement... what...? Oh, right, sleep. Yes please, thankyou, and goodnight. X3
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