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Going to be out of town for awhile. I'm attending my sister's wedding back where I grew up (her third attempt at marriage) so I'll be away from the ol' desk for about a week or so.

Just in case anyone wonders. It's going to be a big bag of mixed blessings and emotions. Thankfully enough, my personal fluffy hugball is coming with me, so that I may introduce him to the family and that he can help me control my emotions.

Mom and the others swear they'll brook no shit from anyone about my being a fagmasexual. Still won't set my mind at ease until it's over. Yes, it's sweating the small stuff. I know this.

I also know from years of being in terse environments that people won't care who's in charge. They'll do what they want to when they want to. Alcohol will be involved as well. Those are two variables that I can't control and, as such, I'll be mildly on my guard. It's just as likely that nothing will happen...

...but my foxy matters too much for my guard to be down. Not even for this. Still, I intend to get some relaxation out of it all. And it's going to be nice to be home. Mom loves me and loves Alfie to bits. She thinks the world of him and I'm eager to have them meet...even if she's likely to tell him the spaghetti story.

Use your imagination on that.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
I feel for ya, bro. I know how squirmy I get when mom comes over and I have to play the 'Nothing In The Past Ever Happened' game. If you need to, draw solace in the fact that you can leave when it's over. Focus on what's good and treat the bad as no more consequential than internet trolls. No matter how much it feels like you're being pulled back into the same old behavior patterns and embarrassments, remember that you get to get on a plane and go home with foxyfluff at the end of the trip. No one in your family owns you.

That said, here's hoping your worries are for naught and you have a great time. :)

>even if she's likely to tell him the spaghetti story.

HA! Literal noodle incident!!
7 years ago
Sounds like a real hair raiser, but just remember to snuggle the foxy.  In fact, make that a habit to hug the fox and remember that everyone else there is jealous that they don't have a fox to hug.

And if its anything like my pasta stories, its totally worth hearing.
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