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Bad and Good!

Today at work, I received a company wide email claiming it was bad to smoke outside the doors to our office. They claimed that someone had reported seeing a white male with a ponytail in a grey hoodie smoking cigarettes right outside the front door. The email declared it was against the LAW to do this and that person could be fined.

In case you've not picked up on it, that person was me...except I wasn't smoking a cigarette. More like an electronic cigarette. Y'know, the type that's mostly harmless, doesn't reek, is non-toxic and makes you exhale steam instead of toxic fumes? I went down to the HR rep and talked to her about it, asking what the deal was.

I got told that it wasn't someone IN the company who'd reported it, but someone who used to work for the company and had dropped by and was on their way OUT in their car. Someone who decided it'd be a damned fine idea to stick their nose in MY BUSINESS because hey, it didn't affect them, but IMMABE A WHITE KNIHGT >:C

I found a replacement spot to smoke and after showing how an e-cig worked, was told that it was probably just someone with a stick up their ass. I agree. Since when did anyone's parents say it was perfectly fine to completely misunderstand or lack information about something but you should go ahead and pitch a bitch about it WHEN IT DOESN'T EVEN EFFECT YOU!?

Fucking bitch. The woman who reported me, not my boss. She's cool. :3


On the way home, I decided to do something interesting. I called up a radio talk show host and yapped with him a bit about the definition of 'assault weapons'. Seeing as how I was in the military at one point, I've got a pretty good idea about it. Norman Goldman was polite, very informative, and while he kiiiind of steered the subject away onto the drug war in Mexico (which wasn't my idea, but apparently it's why he was wondering about it), but hey. He was a genuinely nice guy and pretty darned funny to boot.

Not NEARLY as good as Stephanie Miller, but hey, he's a good guy and does legal analysis for free over the radio. I enjoyed it...even if I had to wait 50 minutes to talk to him.

Anyhow, that's all. Just thought I'd talk about it a bit. :3
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
Well it's nice to know you're taking better care for your health and the health of others.
Also what is your definition of assault weaponry?
7 years, 3 months ago
It's not textbook, but basically:

"Any weapon that, either modified or unmodified, can be held by a standing human being, that shoots a LOT of bullets really fast. As well, if you can hold down the trigger and fire the entire clip, that's an assault weapon."

Something like that. It's layman's terms.
7 years, 3 months ago
There ya go Zeph B3 don't take shit from nobody.
7 years, 3 months ago
Fuck... <shakes head> I will bitch about people smoking in restaurants. Because the smell legitimately prevents me from being able to enjoy my meal. When Michigan passed a ban on smoking in all restaurants, I was down with that. But not when I heard it applied to bars too. You go to a restaurant to eat. You go to a bar to drown yourself in booze, talk, pretzels and the possibility of easy fucking, in order to forget how much life sucks. There's no defensible reason why alcohol in bars is fine but smoking isn't (or hard drugs for that matter, now that I think of it).

But OUT-FUCKING-SIDE!? If a smoker is sitting near me inside somewhere and blowing smoke in my face, they're a dick. If I walk past a smoker in the open air and smell their smoke and I get pissy about it, I'm the dick. I don't like smoking in any way. But I don't seek to control their behavior at all times. I don't think we should treat them like the homeless or sex offenders: keep pushing them out of every place they could possibly be in the hopes that maybe they'll just vanish someday.

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