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Update Oct 21 2018

This update was ment to go up Friday, but life happened in the worst kind of way.
This may become a rant... more than an update.

Let's get the rant out of the way first.
Alright Friday at 3:30pm I had a dentist appointment for x-rays for my teeth, because one of them started to bother me by rubbing up against my cheek. The one I cracked on the breading of chicken strips from sometime in February, I really don't remember. Anywho. The dentist told me that they are just going to pull it. Which I'm totally fine with. No big deal I had teeth pulled before. Then she told me I had 6 teeth that needed to be filled, yay... which I go back in Monday at 3pm. Again no big deal it has to be done.

Now after leaving and driving back home. We (my father and I) were about a mile from the house and we had to stop for a stop light. Duh or it's a ticket in the mail. But as the light just turns green and not even having the chance to take the foot off the break pedal. A green and white taxi slams into the back of the car causing our heads to smack hard into the head rests. The pain we felt was more annoying then the accident, well to me it was, Dad nearly lost it on the other driver. Her license plate numbers made dents into our bumper that's how hard she hit us. You could stand behind the car a read the numbers clearly. Luckily my head stopped hurting after the police arrived, but I regret not going to the doctor just to make sure my head is all good. Still could go, but if something is a red flag. I can't press charges on the other driver cause I waited to long.

Okay know the updates...
Still currently doing the character sheet request, but now on the coloring half. I have traced the line art on gimp to make 3 large images of each choosen outfit to a page of computer paper. Then later transfer to art sketch paper to be colored and scanned for the next choices.
For my father's truck bumper, I have two more paint layers and then a topcoat to seal it all in for him to mount on his hunting truck.
My art/gaming/bedroom is slowly coming along to being organized and clean. Have a few more things to command strip to the wall, clean up the desk, put away stuff on the floor. Small stuff.
Have almost all of my Christmas/Birthdays shopping all done. Need to get two more things, but mostly waiting for everything to get arrive so I can wrap it in put it in the box of wrapped things.

That's all for this update...
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Added: 7 months ago
7 months ago
^~^ okay thanks for the update
6 months, 1 week ago
O.o hey its been a month since the last update is everything okay??
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