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Previously known as Shadowfox0987.
Stats joined 6 years, 5 months ago s 484 j 165 v 48,834 v:s 46,946 v:j 1,888 f 4,269 w 291 c:g 8,747 c:r 4,656
Fujiko The Lynx by roninhunt0987
Fujiko The Lynx
XP Random Moments
RH0987(me): -talking with my characters and also the other characters i placed into my stories about the undertale ending for the genocide route- Jared: i know right the only thing thats good was the...
13 hrs, 57 mins ago
Random Moments of the undertale endings
(OwO The Result of the genocide ending for undertale) RH0987(me): -blinks twice and also not amused of how the genocide route ended and insert jontron voice clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ov...
14 hrs, 31 mins ago
Subject: Laufield
Update #3: Ronin reporting... with another small update on the subject.. O.o one journal has been detected on the subject's account... journal may be wiped clean and the subject's journal listings wil...
16 hrs, 14 mins ago
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Fujiko The Lynx by roninhunt0987
Fujiko The Lynx
Winter The 9-tailed fox 2 by roninhunt0987
Winter The 9-tailed fox 2
Tavion The Pokemobian Umbreon by roninhunt0987
Tavion The Pokemobian Umbreon
Winter The 9-tailed fox by roninhunt0987
Winter The 9-tailed fox
Kasu Prower furrified by roninhunt0987
Kasu Prower furrified
Ga-in and Gyuri by roninhunt0987
Ga-in and Gyuri
Flannery and Sunnie by roninhunt0987
Flannery and Sunnie
Seika The Braixen by roninhunt0987
Seika The Braixen
9-11 2017 tribute by roninhunt0987
9-11 2017 tribute
Kyoto and Kagami Kato clothed by roninhunt0987
Kyoto and Kagami Kato clothed
Katrina Prower-age 18(swimwear) by roninhunt0987
Katrina Prower-age 18(swimwear...
Kyoto and Kagami Kato Furrified by roninhunt0987
Kyoto and Kagami Kato Furrifie...
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Rosie Emi Kato and Rosa Rika Kato by roninhunt0987
Nisha Arctic-wind Kato-Kato sibling- by roninhunt0987
Akahana and Chung-ae Kato by roninhunt0987
Sonic fan-characters/M.E.G.A Chronicles 2 character
the sonic characters i have in my common stories on my DA account and also for M.E.G.A Chronicles 2
112 submissions
Molly barepawed by roninhunt0987
Molly and Tamiko Barepawed by roninhunt0987
Tasha The Hedgehog by roninhunt0987
Sonic and Sonic fan characters barepawed
characters both offical and fan barepawed
68 submissions
Janic Sasha Kato Furrified by roninhunt0987
Lil Molly and Lil Tamiko waking up from a nap by roninhunt0987
Milla Flayster and Jan Prower Furrified by roninhunt0987
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OCs who are furrified
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Cream Sexy Bunnyhop by Bhawk
Cream Sexy Bunnyhop
by Bhawk
Creams Nightwear by Bhawk
Creams Nightwear
by Bhawk
Cream BTS by Bhawk
Cream BTS
by Bhawk
Amy Rose BTS by Bhawk
Amy Rose BTS
by Bhawk
Rest Area by WinickLim
Rest Area
by WinickLim
Little Tails 09 -Page 34 by bbmbbf
Little Tails 09 -Page 34
by bbmbbf
Sonic X Screenshot Redraw - Sonic and Samuel by TyXSlyThylacine
Sonic X Screenshot Redraw - So...
Vixen in Bed by CjWeasle
Vixen in Bed
by CjWeasle
+.hugging a bunny plushie(CUTENESS WARNING).+ by XxFlamingHeartArtistxX
+.hugging a bunny plushie(CUTE...
Panty Raiders by ApocalypseTitan
Panty Raiders
Ask Analis 6 (Read Description) by SexyBigEars69
Ask Analis 6 (Read Description...
Forced Hooters sketch by BlueChika
Forced Hooters sketch
by BlueChika
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My name is Jared Allen Caruso... but you can call me by the name of Ronin.... I am 20 years old... I live in Savannah, GA in the Windsor Forest Area... my email address is jared_cats@yahoo.com... I have an older brother and his Name is Phillip Anthony Caruso A.K.A Zypher or Zenith... I have a bunny Rabbit and her name is snowball... I was born On May 2, 1990 and was later on diagnosed with Autism/Auspergers Syndrome during the year of 1993 which was of course the same year when the Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog which was of course the first cartoon series in the 1990's and also the same year of course when sonic the hedgehog 3 for the SEGA Genesis and also the first time when Knuckles The Echidna was finally been created and was born into both the game and cartoon series of sonic the hedgehog... I have a lot of massive imagination and I of course still have that high massive amount of imagination in me still today.... I am also now a full fledged High School Graduate of Hershel V. Jenkins High school and Now I am working at the Skin and Cancer Center in Savannah, Georgia right beside The ER of St. Josephs Hospital....... I am also a major/veteran/Hardcore Tails the Fox Fan... If I remember correctly I feel in love with tails as him being my Number one favorite Sonic Character and I am of course a proud fan of Tails the fox and of course the couple Tails and Cosmo as well.... I also Support Sonic and Tails brothers forevermore through thick and thin until the end of time reaches its Lawful ending of time itself... that is why I am here... to make new friends and also Support the friend I have now met at and on Deviantart.com....
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7 hrs, 27 mins ago
Yes, I am ready for another RP.
13 hrs, 11 mins ago
Hey is everything alright.
2 days, 2 hrs ago
Sorry to hear about that dude, as for the comics ehh sort of? I mean I still want to do them it's just that editing takes a while for me and there isn't really much topics to cover in Skyrim much less all the mods I have to deal with and whatever. Some are good, some are bad, and some I don't even know about causes some errors in the game like removing cage doors from certain areas and what not. Right now these days I'm more on a long hiatus unfortunately.
2 days, 6 hrs ago
Well well well, looks like another one from DA found me XD I knew your name was familiar, didn't you have a DA account, last I checked it was deleted or something?
1 week ago
2 weeks, 4 days ago
Yeah sure PM me
2 weeks, 5 days ago
Sup bro
1 month ago
Thanks for the fave and watching
1 month, 1 week ago
Thanks fur da watch ^-^
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the fav \(^o^)/
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the fav !
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Do you ever regret reading something wrong? X3
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