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Kitty Ramble: A Dream of a Possible Future?!

Ever have those weird dreams that you can actually remember what happened to it?  At first I thought I would never have any of those, but this one as got to be mentioned.  Basically I was in a group of friends.  Quite possibly fellow furs.  We were waiting at an airport because the surroundings were inside the building, but I can recall being either sunny or basically during the day.  Suddenly one person in the group got a random call.  Either something about being scammed or have to wait for his friend or something, but it causes us to wait for a long time.

Thing is, I felt like this has happened on numerous occasions.  Then out of nowhere a musical number hits.  But not a movie musical, but a mash-up/crossover.  It was with Street Fighter EX2 Plus "White Field" and the main chorus had the following lyrics.

I'm not looking/in it for love my darling
I'm not looking/in it for love ba~by
I'm not looking/in it for love my honey
I'm not looking/in it for lo~ve

/ = one or the other because of the same number of syllables
~ = prolonging the sound to the proper point

It was strange because not only was that random, it's something that I normally do, but for a song I've never heard of before.  Could it be something that I will make later on?  Or will someone else sing it to the point where it matches that BGM?  All I know is that dream was so strong, I might actually see myself doing one of those two things.  The only main question is "When?"

*trying not to freak out*
- Frostcat
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
I remember a lot of my dreams, what about it?
6 years, 11 months ago
Have simular all the time... Alot come true.
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