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25th birthday. whooo.

here we are again. the 3rd year I've spent away from dA to focus on the tiny amount of attention I've gotten by drawing porn for furries lol.

Not much is different, not much is going on. gotta stay working. gotta keep trying to get better, get more watchers, more to commission me. I know I'm not nearly as talented as others here. I'm barely scraping along like this. My gallery now consists mainly of porn right now, but I know that I have few options. But thats fine for now. I just wont let it define me. furry sites have always been a semi-temporary training stint. The furry fandom has always been to me. but it's what I got now, and I'm....content to an extent.

Satisfied, fuck no. Not with myself, or with my art. I really dub most of all my pieces finished because i'm not sure what more I can do. and have turned out some REALLY terrible pieces of art in my opinion. Sometimes commissions fall into this category, but I give everyone paying for art the step by step approval process. I can only go so far on my own.

Cons have been....something odd for me. Prospects of sexual contact( being a virgin, it's ridiculously tempting to think about.), and sometimes I'm involved in slight drama, especially when I'm....I dunno......I have more than enough trouble being myself when I dont seem to really have a SELF. I'm just a mirror reflecting others. I adjust my flow to everyone else. I'm a ninja lol. trust no one with a real me. And I've spent so much time adjusting to everyone not to cause trouble that I really, dont have a clear since of self.
But enough of my personality flaws. Tangents will be tangents. I do what I can to survive.

From here, I dunno. Got another comic to finish. gonna drop everything else. Get commissions from cons all inked and colored. If there are trades I need to do, I reaaaallllly hope people contact me about it. I usually have so much going on in my head that I can only remember specific pages and things at a time.

I need to go back to focusing on whatever the hell I am. and I need to not take on too many things. I've honestly been working under the weight of a workload since 2008, and it's gotten even heavier since I started drawing porn and meeting people.

anyways heres to another year, which will hopefully bring change, which hopefully rules out my death as change lol. I wanna accomplish things and not die a virgin XD

Heartless out.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Happy birthday to you!! ^^
7 years ago
happy b-day and like so many before you with such a high desire to improve im sure you will accomplish your goals in improving your art
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