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Prize draw Friday PM

Hello All!

As per our promised rewards for all of your support we will be holding a brief stream FRIDAY NIGHT on Picarto to have a lottery draw! The stream will be going live a few minutes before 7pm Eastern Standard Time for at draw at 10 minutes past (Friday 19:10EST or 00:10 GMT/UTC Saturday) when we plan to pick winners for the support categories that involve prize draws for January! The link is here: https://picarto.tv/TsumiGolde hosted by Tsumi, the English language translator.

We invite all wishing to watch, especially supporters who are consistently in the $15+ category who are part of the draw, to stop by for a brief live draw of the January reward winner! This will be the last draw for a few months, as Patreon has closed down our raffle draws for now, but we are confident that in March we will be able to take direct payments and offer the reward again!

This is a lottery for prizes drawing the names of sponsors in the $15+ category as a reward for their generous support of our project! When we have a handful of witnesses I'll be making the draw live!

As a reminder to our past winners! Please check your server PMs and emails, we've had a few winners not respond to us to claim their prizes!!! We'll hold your prize to "save up" for two characters, but if we do hope to hear from you that that's what you want!

The winner can order any content featuring 1 character in color with a simple background, when we get more supporters in these categories the prize will increase to two characters and a more complex backgrounds etc! There may be some restriction on “extreme” fetish material, so please bare that in mind when considering your prize.

Though we are aiming for the reward to be drawing the personal characters of the winners, we are happy to draw characters from the comic in this slot with a few restrictions on overly fetish scenes or other scenes that would be very “out of character” for the characters. However we will not draw copyright characters from other artists or adult scenes with characters or supporters who are under age.

The winners will be contacted via our distribution server's private messages, so do check your messages there! (An announcement will be made here also featuring the name of the winner.)
When contacting the winners a clear and detailed description of your image with relevant references would be most appreciated! Remember that English is not a first language for our art team!

These images will be drawn within a month, depending on the response time of the winner, who we hope to hear from as soon as possible so they don't miss out on the chance at their prizes! :O

Again, do join us over on Picarto Saturday 10th at 00:10UTC (That is 00:10 GMT or 7:10pm EST on FRIDAY 9TH)
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Added: 1 year, 3 months ago
1 year, 3 months ago
The winner of this raffle was Nick H. one of our extremely generous VIP sponsors! He'd actually saved up for a two-character piece, so eye's peeled for that!
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