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Birthday coming up! And a huge surprise for me!

Yep yep. My special week is coming up in a short time, and I'm excited. For those of you that DO know me and have for a few years, you know my schedule, or not since I've only done it 5 times now.

Feb 12: My birthday
Feb 14: Val-Day
Feb 16: 5 Year Anniversary with my love.

I'm actulaly really excited for it this year. For some reason, somewhere deep down in my heart, my birthday won't be met with the same, usual, monotonous apathy that my birthday's met with, and has been met with every year for the past decade. I honestly feel this one is actually gonna be worth something, like it's actually a special day.

Who knows, maybe it's because I moved away from my mom, or maybe becuase I moved in with my girlfriend. Either way...it should be good.

Speaking of my mother...I did something...incredibly random yesterday. See...I'm going to be going to this bartending school soon, and the tuition is seriously only 250 bucks. SO...what I ended up doing, was jumping on the phone, and had a rather short conversation with my mother.

"Hey mom, I got a question for you...mind giving me about 300 dollars so I can go to that ABC Bartending school I told you about?"
"Sure, whatever."
"Think I can nab it about the time I come out to visit you guys?"
"Thanks mom."
"That all you need?"
"Alright then, bye."
"See ya."

Which boggled Noah's mind to no end. She was mainly confused that I'd just call and bluntly ask for money like that from someone who, as a lot of you guys know, never helps me with squat. Even stranger yet is the fact she actually agreed to do it. That was quite a nice surprise. :3 Maybe this year WILL be a bit easier on me.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
i'll cross my fingers for you big brother :3
7 years ago
2012 is prolly going to be a lot better for many of us. I got canned on the 13th of January in 2011 from a job that was getting me almost 60k a year at that point after 8 years, and with the job market, and the specific and vertical market I worked in, made me virtually unemployable with my skills, while they meant i had to be precise, and calculated, had no twin in the job market left. I got hired on elsewhere and signed the paperwork on the 13th of January of 2012. Exactly a year later.

So perhaps im being silly, but it sure feels like 2012 is not going to be the 2011 I dealt with, and I get that feeling and vibe from a lot of those I know, chat with, spend time with, and generally had a crappy 2011 as well that things are looking up.
7 years ago
I wish you a awesome week, when it arrives, Mav boy and give you much draggy love. <3 *hugs you tight*
7 years ago
Ah, Mavy, that sounds so awesome! ^-^ Good luck with everything, including the bartending course! =]
7 years ago
oooh. Bartending school. Come make me drinks!
7 years ago
happy early b-day big brother
7 years ago
Another fellow born in Feb boy, mine is on the 14th.
7 years ago
Hope things go well for you. Here's an early happy birthday. =3 [hugs]
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