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New around here.  It seems to be a nice place so far.

Definitely seems more oriented around sales.  Much more colorful.

I might have to look into the sales bits.  Find out how long it takes me to do a picture, then try coming up with commission prices or something.  Some said they like my work, but I still suffer from Self-Deprecating Artist syndrome.  I've just learned to have a sense of humor about it when expressing my disgust at what a horrible, awful, apocalyptically, national deficit increasing, natural disaster causing, meteor-attracting, just bought something but already expired-esque, eye-bleedingly bad artist I am.

But then, there have been hack artists making a living at it since the dawn of art, haven't there?

For now... I lurk.  Potentially to put a few artbits up if I feel like it.

So... hello.  It's nice to meet you.
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Added: 8 years, 7 months ago
8 years, 7 months ago
Hi! We're still working on getting sales back up and running, but anything you enter now should carry over to the new system.
8 years, 7 months ago
Whoa.  Dude.  A reply.  From a moderator, no less.  It's interesting to get relevant info to something in my journal in a timely manner, without solicitation of such.

Thanks for the information.  I'm glad you're all working hard and making sure the word is out that you are working hard.  I'll have to look a bit more at the current system before entering things in.  I'm still completely new at the concept of trying to hock my scribbles to people, so it might take a bit of study on my part.  Of course... the instant I get things figured out is when everything changes, knowing my luck, eh?  ;P

Still, thanks for the good word.  Hope your efforts are smooth and whatever inevitable bugs turn up, that they are easy to squash.  Have a good day.
8 years, 7 months ago
Well, we've had quite a long beta period, so hopefully there won't be many serious problems.

Right now we're just trying to stay on top of the flood of new users and submissions. That's the sort of problem we want to have!
8 years, 7 months ago
Another surprise.  Quick reply to a reply.  How about that.

Indeed.  Better to have too many users (or customers, if one wanted to think that way) than not enough.  That's how one stays afloat.

I suppose this influx of new users will be good.  They'll see the site, use it, then spread the word.  The option to easily change the background and the header picture is a nice touch, if you ask me.  It looks good, and the site is easy to use, from what I've seen so far.  Guess I'll figure out more about that when I'm ready to upload something, eh?

Thanks for the warm welcome.  :D
8 years, 7 months ago
No problem! And yes, while we're still working to make the upload system a little shorter, it's hard to get lost in it entirely. Just be sure to tag things comprehensively - keywords are important here, because people use them to block (in combination with the rating system) as well as search for relevant work.

Generally speaking, new users are good news, unless they're here specifically to cause trouble. If they bring work people don't like - well, that's what keywords are for. :-D
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