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"Doo di do-Oooh god, where the hell did that giraffe come fr--?!"

And so ended my second human adventurer (the first was going so well until he, and his companions, was ambushed by goblins. Needless to say, it didn't end well.), in an abandoned fortress he had hoped to recruit some soldiers in. It was full of animals. Giraffes in particular. One of them winded him, and got itself an ironic name. ('friend-something' I don't remember what, and can't check the 'legends' while I have a character/fortress running. It was pretty funny though, I have to say) It all happened so fast. I think the giraffe of doom charged and winded him. Then, while hobbling away, he suffocated to death. I don't recall the adventurer's name... well, it was only to be expected. I mean I did accidentally hit the enter button to play before I had finished selecting his skills... I tried to be careful, even so, but alas he was not destined for greatness.

... then I did it again! Accidentally hit the enter key instead of the '+' key to assign his skills. The bogeyman/men got him, though he tried to run... he didn't get far.

I decided to try a different tack, and made a dwarf adventurer. Moldath Veiledtreaties. The combat system is neat! I like being able to target particular bodyparts and hack my opponents to pieces... and 'watching' them "...sail off in an arc..." I'm quite proud of his first battle... alone... against seven wolves. I think one of their heads is still in his backpack. He's still going strong (probably only because I managed to give him some skills this time! Though apparently dwarves and elves can't use the 'large' armour from the shops, which is why the quickstart guide on the wiki recommended playing as human), although there have been several ambushes recently that had me worried for a moment there... the first one came out of nowhere and I had no idea what was going on, and quickly lost track of my companions running off in all directions, most of which died, not to mention that we were completely surrounded by Armok knows how many humans! At least there was an elf or two who I managed to loot for some 'small' equipment I could actually wear.
Now he keeps plenty of peasant fodder--- uh... I mean... noble companions!... yeah... he keeps plenty of noble companions close to help keep the beasts, bandits and goblins at bay! (the latest was a goblin ambush, on my way to slay some bandit camp... and though Moldath spent the entire battle 'drowsy', the valley soon ran red with goblin blood. Five fell to my mighty axe! The rest were mopped up by my companions. So after suffering several losses, and losing most of the day, I had to backtrack to the nearest hamlet to reccuperate and pick up some more fod--er--'fighters') I think I'm up to 19 at last count. But those untested in battle soon drop to those archers. If only I could find a few good bowmen of my own, or some proper soldiers... but alas, the 'fortresses' seem to be devoid of all human life... only murderous animals... like badgers...
... and giraffes...

It has to be the greatest game of all time. And there's just something incredibly awesome about the ASCII graphics! It's like stepping into another world, in another time... er... I mean like when 'stunningly rendered' computer graphics were not 'hyper-realistic' and everything. Gameplay is more important than graphics!, but if you really want to look at some stunningly rendered battle scenes, go watch a movie already. Like in this case, I dunno, LotR maybe? Jeez, though, I forgot how long those movies were! Incidentally, I can't wait for The Hobbit! How long must we wait?! Though, dwarves and dragon aside, I can't help but think about the goblins... I've seen the ones from that old animated The Hobbit movie, which are fascinatingly unique... and can only wonder at what direction the upcoming movie will take...

Oh! Haha, year of the dragon, too, isn't it? I gotta say, The Hobbit is the movie I'm most anticipating this year... even before I stumbled onto Dwarf Fortress! And with that, I shall stop rambling now... and go smite some monsters and things with my mighty battle axe! Hmm, I could really use some better armour... you know, just on the off chance that I don't manage to block or dodge an attack... now, where did that peasant say there was a goblin encampment...?

... To be continued?...

Also, as an excercise in storytelling, I've been considering posting Journals about my Fortress/es, and/or adventurer/s too I suppose. Though, not much of import has happened in any of my forts as of yet... I must dig deeper! ... well, aside from... one little, teeny, tiny thing...

"With one last heave, the stone fell into place, echoing ominously throughout the large chamber. Wiping grimy hands on his shirt, the dwarf glanced around at the eerie place, still being carved out of the mountain at the far end by some industrious miners, eager to leave the hollow, empty cavern, and hoping to never return as long as they lived. Strange, indeed, that any dwarf would feel uneasy at being underground, but somehow, there was an unpleasant feel to this place. They could all feel it, though not one dared give it voice. It was something unnatural... perhaps... his gaze wandered down and absently read the inscription again: "Here lies Zaneg Rashaban, Resident Madwoman" and shivered at the dreadful thought.
As if it wasn't bad enough that her strange mood sent her stark raving mad, made her strip off her clothes and run around babbling incoherently for weeks... then she had to go and die of thrist right in the freshly dug tunnels where the new bedrooms were going to go! He didn't blame her, though. He did hope it wasn't an omen of things to come, but... no, he blamed those cursed masons!--then suddenly shuddered and glanced around the eerie chamber. Why did he have to go and think that word? If only they hadn't taken so long to start building the coffins, her body wouldn't have just lain there in the fort's sleeping quarter and... he tried not to think about the grisly remains he had so recently sealed in that stone coffin, and ignored the half-thought that between the rise and fall of the miner's picks he could almost here... something else...
He shook himself out of his stupor, dismissing his thoughts and, his job done, replaced his cap and strode out into the fresh air and bright sunshine, intent on heading down for a good, long drink, back in the fortress. Glad that the burial grounds were a safe... respectable... distance from the rest of the fort, his only hope for the forseeable future was that a stiff drink would keep his dreams free and clear of the incoherent babbling that had filled the fortress for weeks on end... before ending so abruptly in silence...

oh...er... I seem to have gotten carried away there... oops... oh well, I hope someone enjoyed reading it all. ^_^
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
Oh, god, none of my adventurers have ever lasted more than an in-game week. I prefer fortresses, anyways.

But you are right, that game is one of the best ever made - and it's still in alpha!
7 years, 3 months ago
Well, my fod-er-followers seem to keep losing life... and limb... left right and centre. As my dwarf is still relatively unharmed, but for a smashed right foot, I can only assume I'm doing something wrong. Heh X3
7 years, 3 months ago
Armok is pleased.
7 years, 3 months ago
Blood for the Blood God!
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