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i'm making a simple Choose your own adventure style.

well i'm still thinking i want to do a" choose your own adventure" style small comic. it's not going to be fancy...only involving two or three of my own characters. i'm thinking maybe 5 to 10 pages max.  and i'm going to let you all vote to see who will be in it and what will happen to them.
Vote for your favorite idea and the characters involved.


1: goofy school hi jinx
2: adventure
3: fighting
4: adult (sexing and such)
5: suggestions


males (vote for two)

1: Joykill
Personality: Happy, playful and a little flirty. Joy want to make everyone happy
Likes: seeing other happy. cute clothes and goods friends
Special traits: can make anyone climax

2: Soulless
Personality: Cold and emotionless. very protective of those he deems friends
Likes: his family, friends and Emi.
Special traits: expert fighter

3: Matthew fox
Personality: friendly and outspoken
Likes: surfing and modeling
Special traits: great surfer, very flexible and agile

4: Foxxy
Personality: laid back and chill. Foxxy is all about the music
Likes: DJing, music and good times with friends
Special traits: although he's a toned fit male he can pull off girly really well

5: Trent "Tweak" Frost
Personality: Smart and not afraid to let you know it. he's a genius in a compact size. can get absent minded around tech
Likes: technology especially robots, androids and cyborgs
Special traits: think Dexter lab level genius

6: Chase the bunny
Personality: happy girly and up beat. believes himself to be a girl
Likes: dressing up and going out on the town
Special traits: unless your really looking, it's hard to tell he's a boy

7: Rocko
Personality: bossy, opinionated but forgiving
Likes: friends and family.
Special traits: looks good in polos

Female (vote for 2)

1: Angel Furlong
Personality: smart and fearless. a born leader
Likes: Weapons and fighting evil
Special traits: she the GODHAND. this affords her super human skills

2: Lulu
Personality:Shy, easy to embarrass and make blush. she's a nerd but tries to hide it
Likes: cosplay and pop idols
Special traits:can sing and dance very well. fluent in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Spanish
Notes to artists: like lola bunny her ears act as her hair

3: Sara Bear
Personality: Easy going and friendly. she the nice girl that everyone likes
Likes: helping out, making friends and swimming
Special traits: is a really good swimmer
Notes to artists:

4: Kitty meow
Personality: Sweet, and outgoing but can be quick to temper when she feels something is wrong
Likes: cheer leading and dancing
Special traits: very flexible and agile

5: heartless
Personality: emotionless and cold. She doesn't speck much but you'll know it when she does
Likes: her family
Special traits: she's an expert lover

6: "Hawk" Ro Jinko
Personality: although she comes off loud and arrogant she's really cold and calculating
Likes: weapons especially her twin magnums Lo and Po. fighting and smoking
Special traits: Highly trained ninja
Notes to artists: She's has a small tail

7: Bubble Gummy
Personality: Bubbly and out going, kind to everyone
Likes: shopping and clubbing
Special traits: is magical

Let's see some votes!
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
Of Course Joykill :3 and Foxxie

Females: LuLu and heartless
7 years, 3 months ago
Joykill, Tweak, Lulu and Bubble.
7 years, 3 months ago
I think I'd like to see a fighting themed comic coming from you. I'm not sure I've ever seen you do something like that.

Any of your fighting characters work, really.
7 years, 3 months ago
Girls - Sarah Bear and Lulu
Boys - Joykill and Chase

And maybe a combination of idea 1 + 4 :3
7 years, 3 months ago
I would like to see an adventure comic with Joykill, Chase, Heartless, and Sarah!
7 years, 3 months ago
Males: Joykill and Chase the bunny

Female: Angel Furlong

I choose opição 4: adult (sexing and such)

The idea for the story that I give to you: The Joykill (Bisexual) and Chase the bunny (Gay) friends are gay (or a gay couple), that one day they were taking each other (somewhere) kissing , embracing and taking their clothes off to have sex, but now appears Furlong Angel (Bisexual) watching them having sex (it is hidden) while Joykill and Chase the bunny had sex she was watching and masturbating, and when the Joykill Chase the bunny and ends enjoy sex, Furlong Angel appears in front of them, forcing the two to have sex with her (bondage), but in the end Joykill Chase the bunny and begin to enjoy sex the first time with a woman, Joykill sticks his dick into her vagina as the Angel Furlong in Chase the bunny gets a cock in the ass Joykill, the rest of the story I'll let you finish, if you spend this my story.
7 years, 3 months ago
if i did thid one it would only be the first part cause it's a choose your own adventure group thing
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