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F*CK this comupter!

AAAAAARRGH! It can't do anything right! I'm suffering another art block day, and what do you know, I just scribbled a neat sketch of one of my characters, all epic-like, and the program crashes on me.


Regardless, forcing myself to sketch something, anything!!!, managed to churn out a neat little idea in that sketch for a neglected character of mine... neglected because my art skills are not yet quite awesome enough to do what I want with him... and have it be as awesome as I want...

... and now, that idea stuck in my head, I SHALL NOT SLEEP THIS NIGHT UNTIL IT IS DONE!... or, well, at least a decent sketch of what i mean to do... better than the one the program obliterated for me while I clicked the fricken save button. It's maddening! ARGH!

Oh, I totally don't want to give too much about the character away, so the picture will really just be a tease for all you folks out there (I have no idea why I'm keeping this one so close to the vest... my own... my precious... eh, you know how it goes). Sorry about that... but it'll be awesome, I promise! ^_^

Success! Using this journal to vent has improved my mood and negated the UNBELIEVABLE RAGE!! against the machine... honestly, computers are totally sentient already. And they're all evil, I tells ya! Eeeevil! O_o
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
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