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FerretWilliams is now FerretsVsLemmings

Since my previous name of FerretWilliams only got me called "Williams", my last name, I've changed my username to the name of my new comic. Sure, it was just one person, but it's still 100% of the people who called me by a name online in the past 6 months & that makes it likely that others will, too.

One issue, though: Twitter has a character limit on usernames, and I only got to "FerretsVsLemmin". Yikes. I, uh, don't know what I'll do about that. I'd really like my username to be the same on every website(and the same as the website address), and removing the "Vs" just doesn't work as well. I also tried GarrettWilliams and Ferrets, but both were taken. Maybe I'll just continue to use FerretWilliams on Twitter & some other sites I registered that name with. I also can't use "ferretsversus" or "ferretsvs" because it's important who they're against(well, doing their best to work with them). It should be complete. Plus I know people would spell it "verses" or wonder what "svs" means. I'm not using "ferrett" or "Garrett" in there because nobody will add the last T even if they read the correct spelling. I know this from experience.
Probably more important is that my Inkbunny and FurAffinity name is the same, especially since they're also the places I repost my comics to. I've registered this name on FA already. Maybe I'll give it a few days before announcing it there just in case I change my mind. I doubt I'll go back to "FerretWilliams", but we'll see what I think. At least here, changing my name doesn't require action on the subscribers' part.
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
Actually I look for the name FerretWilliams and I happen to think of it as your trademark myself.  I guess that's just me though.
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