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Copy/Paste from FA Journal: A bone to pick with InkBunny

okay, so there's a couple things I really like about the site, but one glaring issue I have with it: it's policy regarding humans in furry art. The policy goes as such:

No human characters are permitted, no matter how stylized or “cartoon-like” they are. Only non-human species are allowed. Characters that are essentially human (pixies, faeries, elves, orcs, trolls, etc) or just have ears/tails or other superficial animal features applied (but that otherwise look human), are also not allowed.

Exception for stories: Human characters are permitted in stories only so long as they are not involved in sexual situations of any kind.

So basically, what this means is, you can't have any humans in your art anywhere. You can have them in your stories, so long as they're not involved in sexual situations. That seems really...closed-minded to me, honestly. I mean, I understand it's a furry art site, but I think as long as furries are involved in some way, that makes it furry art. I mean, I could at least understand a requisite that furries make up the majority of characters featured, but to outright ban them is just, well, it makes the site seem stuck-up.

There's a certain part of the fandom that likes furry x human art and stories, myself included. Artwork that is furry x human is still very much furry art, but I guess InkBunny is too good for that kind of thing. Maybe that's a little harsh, but this really irks me. Mostly because:
I can't post my story. The only thing I've ever produced and posted that I'm really proud of, aside from my object box. The reason being is that it involves a human in a sexual situation. I can't even post the clean version because it implies said sexual situation. Now, the situation also involves a furry character. In fact, there is only one human character in the whole story, but because of that one issue, I can't post it.

Now, to be fair, I'ma say what I like about the site: to be able to sell and buy like on DA is kinda cool, to be able to submit stuff in bulk and "pool" them together is pretty cool, and the system by which stories are viewable is neat. But unfortunately, the good are barely distracting me from what I consider the bad at this point.

I really think IB is shooting itself in the foot here. I mean, yeah it offers stuff that FA doesn't, but so long as they have such restricting upload policies, they can't hope to really compete with it. I know the idea is not to compete, it's to coexist, yadda yadda, but I don't think they're gonna see the kind of userbase that FA does.

It kinda sucks, I was looking forward to posting all my stories and making use of the pool system to link them together, but whatever.  If you want to see my stories, they're posted on my FA, which you can find a link to on my userpage.
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9 years, 1 month ago
It's really not a "too good for IB" thing. It's "the way we have things set up, if humans get involved we're worried that our hosting and/or payment services will be pulled."

I'm sorry that we can't be the host for your stories at this time.
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