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R.I.P. Lavos

Lavos died last night... or more accurately some time this morning. I found her at around 1 A.M.

For those who do not know Lavos is the small tan and white rat I adopted earlier this year... she was less then a year old. Not sure what happened. I came down with a bad bout of food poisoning, and by the time I was conscious again I noticed her cage-mate was going crazy... I pulled Maverick out to go investigate... got some gloves on and eventually found Lavos laying in her sleeping house. From the rat owners I have talked to this is similar to what happens when a rat has a stroke or heart problems.... they tend to die where they sleep.

This is especially hard since I am actually seriously considering having my 23-25 year old cat Little Bit put to sleep... she's deteriorating rapidly and it's getting to the point where it's becoming more cruel to force her to continue going onwards. I'm going to try and convince her to get into a kitty carrier and then take her to a vet this weekend.
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
Dam...im sorry hun...that bites more than Mike Tyson,blows more than a package from Ted Kazinski and sucks more dick than i do...i was kinda hoping to meet Lavos when i visit your new apartment...sorry bout your cat too...if there were a way to mail animals id give ya a kitten next time Luna gets pregnant
*hugs and snuggles,my wings,arms and tail wrapping round you*
hang in there hun
7 years, 7 months ago
I just kind of wish their was something more I could do for Little Bit... she's been a huge part of my life... she's been around since I was in the fourth grade and we've been attached to the hip most of that time. It's just... really getting to the point where it's no longer a good life for her anymore... she can;t hear... one eyes swollen shut and oozing... and now patches of fur and clumps of skin are coming off of that side of her face.... it looks like she got in a bad cat fight.... she just.... won;t survive much longer and I think she would prefer the easier way out.
7 years, 7 months ago
*Is making like a Beatles guitar*
Yeah...i hate to admit it but that would be best for her

7 years, 7 months ago
Have to say the same thing as Hippie... Yeah... would be best for her... I know you love her... she's been a faithful companion to you and I'm sure she gave you hope when you where feeling down... By her presence she gave you courage and only ask some li'l caress on the back in return... While she was purring on your side she was calming your mind and gave you a nice distraction from the unhapiness of life... She done a lot for you li'l bro and it would be a nice thing to do... In her own way she'll understand and be always gratefull to you.... *hug*  and she'll always be at your side... always remember this li'l bro... always...
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