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Artist Meme

Well, as I'm waiting for my hot glue gun to cool so I can jury-rig it into working again, and as yesterday was my birthday and my Therapist has been telling me to journal and stuff, I thought I might as well take care of this.

Taken from :iconbeetlecat:
- What sort of artist would you most identify yourself as?
This is a toughie, I'm still in a transitory phase where I'm trying to breach out into different media. I really don't want to be an illustrator, in all honesty, I never wanted to be a semi-professional illustrator, I just wanted to be a happy amateur with enough skill to convey the images in my mind (though of late I've been considering that I might not even be there). I ended up taking commissions on account of a mix of desperation and lucky breaks. I really like costuming/fursuiting, but I'm not sure I want it to be my primary skill. I think I'd really like to specialize with custom figures and sculpture.

- What would be your secondary identity?
Plushie maker.

- What forms of art do you dabble in, but don't excel at?
My illustrations. I'd really like to learn how to paint.

- How would you describe your 'style'?
What I like to call Expressive Realism. I don't think I'm very good at it yet. It's still a little too stylized and I'm not sure I'm getting the expressive nuances I want from it yet.

- What medium do you favor most?
Clay, I love sculpting so much, it's a pity I don't get to do it more often.

- What are your favorite subject matters?
Obscure Animals being ordinarily extraordinary. Taking pleasure in the small things we take for granted or expressing every day life in a new way.

- What are your least favorite subject matters?
Urban decay. The senseless destruction of nature from anthropocentric thinking. We really don't need to work against nature to progress ourselves. In fact I daydream of a world where we can form a cooperative relationship with our environment rather than a parasitic one.

- List your Artistic Strengths
I have no idea. I think I have a fairly strong basic understanding of structure and mass.

- List your Artistic Weaknesses
Perspective/depth, consistency, drapery, adding the surface details. Exaggerating.

- Which of the above weaknesses would you most like to see improve?
Adding texture and depth to my drawings.

- Adult Content. . . yes/no?
Yeah, but I'm terrible at it. I don't really understand much of what most people enjoy about porn, as I'm not a big fan of porn myself. So I tend to just draw whatever preposterous exaggeration comes to mind while I'm drunk and someone eggs me on.

- Adult Subject Matter you favor?
As I mentioned above, I enjoy the little moments. Sex for the sake of sex is for the most part boring. I like art where everyone is comfortable in the way they are, where they don't need to prove anything or show off or degrade themselves to be sexy. The sexiest thing I find is self confidence without the arrogance.

- Schooling/Training received in the arts?
Mostly self taught, but I've had a few mentors and scattered art courses.

- Schooling/Training you'd still like to have?
More advanced drawing, color theory, painting, sculpting. And of course I still want to be a vet.

- Would you consider yourself prolific, or a 'quality over quantity' sort of artist?
Neither. I suppose I try to focus on my quality, though true to most artists I'm my own worst critic which leads to me having trouble getting anything finished in a timely manner. And I'm generally never happy with the pieces I deem 'good enough'.

- Would you considering yourself a Fine Artist, or a Commercial Artist?
Commercial artist, if I could run a sustainable business.

- Where would you like to be in five years?
A stable living situation, doing art part time and mostly for myself, going back to school for veterinary courses.
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