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Years come Together!

Heyall! Nice to be back!  And again with promises of being around more.. lol  Well I'd like to give props to my old friends and new friends alike!  However, I feel bad for that friends who've known me through the internet.  I have no intentions to neglect you fine folks!  To help, I'm back on all my IM stuff. Yahoo/ICQ/AOL and such I use the nick "DesertfoxNick" and you can E-Mail me at any time with any address/name @ saturnfoxstudios.net. I'm working on IRC hangouts but have no click to hang out with yet.

---The Story....---
Where have I been for the last 10 years?
*2000-2003: Well, I moved from my easy internet time sync of the state of Maine, to Northern Alabama.  Instead of the internet being my furry outlet, the great friends I've made in AL became easy distractions from my early days of hanging out on AGNPH.  Witch was actually sorta falling apart from it's original glory at the time.  From there I did post, draw, and IRC for a few years but then seemingly died when it came to my internet presence.
*2003-2008: Well at the time I just got into music, witch has been a life long dream of mine I thought out of reach; I also got mated at that time.  Thus if I was online, it was to play video games... Lived with my mate and best friend.
*2008-2011: Lived with my mate and my best friend for a few years in a house we picked out together.  It was AWESOME!  We had our computers setup so we could all game in the same room, two dogs and a garage where yours truly started setting up a workshop for more physical type projects.  Glassblowing, wood working, and whatever else one can do in a place where a stereo and floorspace could be useful for.
*As of now (Last Few Months):  Moved into a new place with the best friend, and another awesome friend who will help with my music and programing likes.  Ex-Mate took the phone that was making my 'On the go' IM'ing possible.  But I have a new one now! If you haven’t got my new Phone number, Hit me up on a Messenger or email me! ^_^
*Other then that: I'm hoping I can post and such more often.  I live with people who inspire me creatively and have my own computer setup in a place that isn't a public space; I can finally get to whatever, whenever!

So now what?
Umm.. well I'm sorta a furry without a cause.  AGNPH was fun, but whatever is out there now isn't something I care for anymore.  I liked the original run, I liked the friends there, but they're available usually on other IRC places or I have they're contacts already.  So now where to hang out, what to do, what to get inspired by... I'm not sure..  So far though I've been hanging out in the Feral Furry Channels and mostly on Palringo Groups.  Over the years I've come back to the scene enjoying the Role-play of a non-anthro Fennec, so please don't squish me, or think I can take on anything too big.  Sure I can morph up to keep things from being like throwing a hotdog down a hallway, but I like the small cute thing.

I'm also a fan of some radio talk shows, and may go down that path with my work; I'll experiment with cross-platforming the Media and see how it goes....

Great to Post again! I've missed you all!

-Thx Again, DFN.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
Welcome back! Life's quite the ride, isn't it?
I'll look forward to new art from you. :)
7 years, 4 months ago
DFN rearing up for a new season of entertainment!
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