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RECAP - Personality

I AM A EMOTIONAL FIEND, SOCIOPATH AND PSYCHOPATH, BASICALY MENTALLY EVIL. I'm no liar either, but this IS true, but emotionless is not one, I'm mentally outside different, but this, part will come, I am this, I will become this, and I will enjoy releasing my anger in destroying people in my own loving way of breaking them down, I will love it, but right now, I am the fiend, and you can't figure me out inperson, you won't know the true me, outside, I play the part as blake, but inside, I know I'm different and I'm darker, my early past of evil, is my demon inside of me and it will thrive, I promise it, it will be comething...I will enjoy in sick satistic pleasure...I just need to be reminded heh

Day later - I am the same, I've decided this, but I'm only a freak crazy, but I will regurgitate this evil, I know this is real, I've always known, I just planted the seed a long time ago, when I was young, I turned that evil into fear, purging it and fearing it, to something pure, but pureness iseasily currupted, and now I've suffered that unforeseen consequence, I will enjoy this, but before I becomr the death harbenger, ill be this, like I said, this act of a normal psycho sociopath, changing, oh this will be enjoyable...mm soon I will be the on to talk, the voice will be the first mmm no thoughts then voice, then the pasuation, then the mood and then the actions, people will be a weapon of vengence...oh I will so enjoy this...
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
....should delete this....but who do I know reads this....
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