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How not to slack off

I forgot who was it ... but one of my friends was like "You know when you procrastinate? My friend was like, 'Open the program. Did you open the program?' 'Yes.' 'There you go, that wasn't so hard, was it?'"

My actual workflow seems to go as follows:

1) check inbox
2) ignore inbox
3) make text list of prioritized commissions, ignore it
4) Open Flash
5) Open project file
6) Start drawing

Steps 4-6 are the only ones that work... the moment I start it, habit takes over from there.
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
I remember you saying in one of your journals that you'd do your commission list in no specific order and that if anyone tried to hold you to a strict order, you'd resent it. Heh, so I'm a little baffled now that you're trying to hold yourself to a list. Maybe you could change the way you work a little....

Lists and inboxes sound too...."left brainy"..
It sounds like you work intuitively more than anything.
Maybe instead of a list.....you could make a quick sketch or thumbnail of each one, or if there's too many, pick the most interesting and sketch out those. Then just stack them up (in PS or SAI or Flash etc)  into a big square of blocks. Maybe add little dashes of color to each one. And limit the number to something that looks not so daunting, like 4 or 8.

This way you have something you can quickly look at and get an idea about it, without the jump from 'text' to 'drawing' being so huge.

I remember how I felt looking at my text commission list way back when I started it, it felt like a mountain of stuff I'd never get done. Funny thing was, most of that fear was when I wasn't working on anything. It melted away once I forgot about "owing" people and just let the comish be 'mine'. It's a quirky mental shift that nobody's mentioned, but it worked for me. "Having to do something" and "owning" people was a block for me. It felt completely opposite of the way I make art.  So, I started to push away the idea that it was someone else's, and tried to look at it like an idea of my own. It really helped too.

*thinks again*
Another oddball thing to try could be....having several comish sketches / paintings open at once and shifting between them every couple minutes. That way you kind of attack the 'whole thing' as opposed to peices. If the subject is dull to you, at least the change of pace and subject could shake it up...make it a challenge.
7 years, 10 months ago
I like your suggestions and strategies =).  Thanks for taking the time to write them!
7 years, 10 months ago
I have nothing to really do BUT slack off. >3> I kinda envy you.l
7 years, 10 months ago
I know the feeling, except instead of inbox its homework for my college courses.  Say if you like the story I'm working on the the bad pictures and decide you want to use it with better pictures just give me credit for the original story once I'm finished.  Despite the mediocre pictures let me know how you like it.
7 years, 10 months ago
I see.  I guess that's why I haven't gotten an email back for ya yet.  ^v^;;;  That's kewl though.
7 years, 10 months ago
Haha ... well ... the heartnotes3 e-mail is for friends, BCS (buttercupsaiyajin) gets slammed by everything else. People occasionally swap them, but it's easier to search for commissions in one place...
7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
"Oh, look at me, I opened the multitrack mixer AND the workfile! Steady progress like that deserves a little break!"
7 years, 10 months ago
Yeah, I know the feeling... Jeeze... I have a story to get done but... dang... I keep running into things that distract me and thus I forget about it or don't feel the proper modivation for it.
7 years, 10 months ago
lol. i cant complain. a lot of us have that same habit  if its not from Facebook, my space, or twitter. we forget everything at that minute and realize that we had something important to do. and are like crap i have been on to long
7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
Lol, check out my journal on the same subject!  Instead of Writer's Block, I get "Writer's Detour!"

My dad always carried one of these with him and would joke about it with people:
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