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Dark Rider House Commission Rules

We are coming up on that time in the story line that the Dark Rider House in Marblecliff is about to open. For my fans and those who have wanted an in for your characters in my stories I am now offering slots in the Dark Rider House. These are short term rolls in some of the rotating beds. There are a few rules that you must take into account before betting:

1. No fictional species: These stories will take place in Marblecliff. this City does not have mythical creatures of any kind and does not allow magic. All characters have to be some real world species or a hybrid of real world species. If you have a fictional species and want to have them considered, you will need to be open to explaining them as some real species crossbred.

2. Characters must be between the ages of 8 and 18 years: Gender is irrelevant, but the character must be in the age range that the Dark Rider House works. If your character is older or younger, they will need to be modified to fit the age range.

3. All backstories must be plosable: All stories have to work within the world I will be writing. This is a contemporary universe based on real world ideas and laws.  If the story and character do not work within these rules I will not be used.

3. All backstories must be plosable: All story Ideas and Characters will be Okayed by both
and I before stories will be written.

With all that in mind, I have 6 open rotating beds in the Dark Rider House that will be used in their own storyline after Christmas. There are 3 Female and 3 Male beds.  If the character is a Herm, they can be placed in a bed by their gender identification. You can buy two slots or partner with another person if you want to get a story that involves two character.  One note for pairings and adult content for characters in my writing. I have a basic rule about age gaps. I would prefer to keep the ages within 4-5 years of each other. And there will be no Adult/Cub sexual pairings in the dark Rider House.

All other Commission Rules still apply.
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6 years, 4 months ago
So Do I ask here or do I send a PM?
6 years, 4 months ago
PMs are fine.
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