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Kittyliciously Great Commissions Available

***Commission info 2021***

Greetings, dear readers! I am Cheetahs, a freelance author who has written more than 200 story commissions for over 3 years, with varied kinks, themes and plots.

To get in touch for commission-related purposes, e-mail me at fiestydrake43@gmail.com or send me a private message here, on this site.

Before commissioning me, please read my Terms of Service https://inkbunny.net/j/227361

Below you will find my prices, as well as what you can get depending on the complexity of your idea. As a rule of thumbs, I prefer to write a detailed NSFW scene for every 5.000 words approximately to keep things fresh and diverse. So if you want more sex scenes in your story, you'll have to commission the longer variants.

Prices for my commissions

Standard Story Commission --> 50 EUR per 1.000 words, with a minimum of 5.000 words and a maximum of around 15.000 words. This means the minimum price for this commission is 250 eur and the maximum about 750 eur. Payment plans are available for stories longer than 5.000 words.

What you get: Standard stories are versatile in the possibilities they offer. A 5.000 words story is great for a short fiction flick where the focus falls on one significant scene. With added length come extra scenes that can add diversity and in some cases, eroticism to your story.

Deluxe Story Commission -->
60 eur per 1.000 words, with a minimum of 15.000 words and a maximum of around 30.000 words. Payment plans are available.

What you get: A longer, more complex story that can include background information about the characters, as well as multiple scenes to mark their growth and development.

Novella commission-->
70 eur per 1.000 words, with a minimum of 30.000 words and a maximum of around 50.000 words.. Payment plans are available.

What you get: A well structured, multi-chapter story that enriches character development with an added layer of world-building.

Novel Commission-->
Comes in two variants. Simple and Complex. Simple novels are priced at 80eur per 1000 words, start from a minimum of 50.000 words, and can extend up to a maximum of 80.000 words. Simple novels should not require lavish attention to detail or in-depth fact-checking and world-building.

Complex novels are priced at 100 eur per 1000 words and are meant for projects longer than 80.000 words. Unlike the simple variant, this option is for very complex projects that require a significant time investment on my side in order to flesh out your world and ideas.

What you get: The best story type I can offer. Due to its sheer complexity, a novel requires more work on my part than any regular story, and the price reflects the many hours of planning that go into this. Most authors spend a year or more writing and refining a novel, and even though it's a huge commitment on both my part and yours, they can be incredibly fulfilling when finished.

Payment plans can be settled so that both of us are happy with the progression of the novel. If you are interested in this type of commission, all I ask is that you are equally committed to it as I am. No work of mine is left unfinished, novels included.  

Commission a novel if you are looking for an adventure of epic proportions. It can be as clean as you wish, or sprinkled with kinky moments. I'm fine with everything!
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