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Terms of Service 2019

Terms of Service

These rules are subjected to changes for any reason, at any given moment, and without prior announcements. By commissioning a story from me it is implied that you have read, understood and agreed to the provisions specified in my ToS in its currently existing iteration at the time of your commission, so make sure to read and acknowledge the points presented below prior to commissioning a story.

To place a commission, follow this link for information and directions: https://inkbunny.net/j/142548


-My primary currency is EUR, so bear that in mind when I invoice you in that currency. However, I can also take USD in some specific circumstances, like in the case of a gift.

-For short story commission types, payment is to be taken upfront;

-For the other, longer story commission types, payment plans are available, presuming they're realistic goals. For example, don't commission a novel and only pay 100 EUR/month. Shorter stories are better suited for smaller budgets.

-For all my commissions, a detailed outline is only provided after a fully payment or a down payment, proportional to the size of the project, has been made. My planning sessions take time, and I need proof of your commitment.

Story delivery

-I rarely share WIPs because they do not accurately represent the final goal I have with a given story. However, you can request one and I will consider sharing it.

-Stories are only delivered once their payment (or a milestone in case of longer, multi-chapter projects) is completed.

-Upon request, I shall give you an estimated working and delivery time for your project. If certain life events get in the way, I'll try my best to keep you informed.

General working method

-Before starting the work on your commission, you are obligated to provide me with all the relevant information pertaining to your project (Plot, characters, kinks, preferences etc.) in a clear, detailed, and eloquent way. Failure to express your needs and intentions for a project in a proper, understandable way and going back on your initial ideas may lead to surcharges meant to compensate me for the length of time it takes to work things out.  

-Once the outline is completed, I am going to ask for your specific consent in order to start the actual work on your story. Past this point, you are no longer allowed to make substantial changes to the outline without compensating me for the time it takes to go back to the drawing board.

-Do not ask me to emulate the writing style or methodology of other authors. You have chosen me to do your story commission, so please respect and accept my technique.

-I am completely fine with research, but do not ask me to read other people's stories in order to understand certain concepts, characters, and so forth. I expect you to know what you want without relying on the works of others.

Planning your commission

-Planning your story is a team effort, so I expect you to engage in a dialogue with me. In case you wish to give me creative freedom, I'll graciously accept your offer. However, taking this route denies you the right to request major changes to the plot, or scrape it in favor of another outline, so please be certain of it!

-Give me the benefit of the doubt while designing your story and do not expect me to read your mind. If there are certain aspects that I overlook or I handle the wrong way, it falls to you to explicitly state and correct my errors (IE: Don't tell me that something is wrong without explaining why that bothers you).

-Once you have agreed to the story's design and outline, you are no longer allowed to make changes on it without compensating me. I shall not be held accountable for your indecision and/or memory lapses that might completely change an outline that you have already agreed upon.

-The time spent on the planning stage of your commission varies on a case-by-case basis and is entirely dependent on the length and scope of the project. The shorter the project is, the less time I expect to spend on its planning.


-Every commission tier of mine entitles you to a free revision draft. The longer the project, the more I am willing to revise. Additional revision drafts past the first shall come with a surcharge.

-During the revision stage, you are allowed to correct small errors (like grammar, typos, syntax) yourself in the document I provide. Continuity flaws such as plot holes, inconsistencies etc. shall be pointed out so that I can handle them accordingly.

-For more substantial changes, like rewriting or modifying clusters or paragraphs or pages, we can negotiate, but in the eventuality that you feel I've deviated from your initial plan or desires, I'll need to see proper proof. I do not provide broad, time-consuming edits based on an ambiguous “I don't know, I just don't like it" type of comment.


-Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis, depending on the length and scope of the story, as well as the time spent discussing—and developing—the story's essentials.

-In order to promote transparency and fairness towards both parties, I have decided to split refunds into two categories based on who initiates the refund (I as the writer, or you as the client).

-If the client initiates the refund, the amount refunded works as follows: During the planning stage, I'll withhold anywhere between 10% to 50% of your payment based on the amount of time/replies it took to get to the stage of the refund. After the planning stage is over and work has commenced on your project, I'll withhold anywhere between 50% to 75% of your total payment based on the work done up to that point.

-If the writer initiates the refund, the amount refunded works as follows: If I cannot fulfill my obligations for whatever reason on my part, I may refund you fully, so long as the initiative is entirely my own, without outside pressure to influence the outcome. If I initiate the refund because you are rude or frequently and intentionally ignore my ToS, I'll withhold payment based on how much work has been done until that point, planning included. If I initiate the refund because you're very indecisive and I feel we cannot reach a consensus, I'll count the brainstorming words as actual, written words and deduct them from your payment before issuing the refund.

Additional rules

-I retain copyright and all other rights to commissions and projects that include my characters, or characters that I have created for the purpose of the commission, including commercial and distribution rights. These rights will not be transferred to you unless negotiated and purchased for an additional fee. Commissions that include characters owned by other people/featured in other works of fiction shall never be sold for profit but can be used for promotional material.

-My work is not to be sold for profit or altered without my consent. While you hold the rights to your characters, the story itself is mine, and therefore, protected.

-Commissions where I have been given ample creative liberty in building the plot and the world can be repurposed into original works if I find the desire to run said story through a set of revisions. Though your version of your commission will always be yours for safekeeping, I am allowed—and empowered by the aforementioned creative liberty that I have been granted—to swap your copyrighted characters for original characters that I own and tweak the story as I best see fit to turn it into an original work of my own design.

-Orphaned commissions (Which are projects that have been discontinued by commissioners for various reasons) where I have been granted ample creative liberty in building the plot/world grant me full rights and control over their assets and count as personal works after a year has elapsed without the original commissioner intending to commission their continuation.
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