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Upgraded to Beta 14 - Hide Custom Thumbnails, Uploader Progress Bar, Blank BG...

The numbers keep getting bigger! Launch day grows closer.. we promise. We haven't added any major features for a couple of weeks now and things are looking very stable.

Please keep hammering the site and testing it any way you can think of. Thank you to everyone for your bug reports and help in the last few weeks! The Inkbunny software is starting to look fantastic from a development/bugs point of view.

In this release:

- You can now hide the Artist's Custom Thumbnail and see the Original thumbnail in Gallery view. Just look for the "show original thumbnails" link next to the Expand/Collapse link in the top-right corner of any gallery page. I've wanted this feature on other sites for years. Custom thumbnails are great but sometimes users want to see the Original file in the thumbnail, not a zoomed in section or a blank warning thumbnail. No more galleries full of zooms and warning thumbnails... *glee*

- Upload Progress Indicator is now listed beside the Upload button on Submission Upload pages. This is very useful when you are uploading really big files or zips of dozens of files. Once a ZIP file is uploaded it will even tell you which files the server is processing once it unpacks your zip and how many files it has left to finish processing.

- There is now a blank gray background you can choose on the Account Settings page. NOTE: Background time-of-day doesn't work yet, so changing it does nothing to the background (well.. nothing you can see yet without looking at the changing URLs anyway because all the times of day are the same image for now).

- "Items for sale" bar (the one that shows Own this in Digital and Order Prints) on Submission pages will now show a thumbnail of the original Preview file you uploaded, not the custom thumbnail if you uploaded one. This is good because it gives a better idea to the customer of what the file or print is they get when they buy.

- [b] [u] [i] BBCode tags now work inside URL tags. Thanks to
for reporting that one.

- There is now a warning next to the Story edit box on the Submission Edit page that says: "Will only autofill once when you first upload a story file. Will not automatically update later. Will not autofill from RTF documents."

- Added a note to the Contact Details section of the Edit Profile page: "Enter full URL for Web Pages. Enter full email address for Emails. Enter account names only for all other Contact types. "

- Fixed miscount of comment text that caused the last 10 or so characters to get cut off very long messages.

- Nicer "Site in Maintenance Mode" page, which you can see any time at https://inkbunny.net/maintmode.php - Image borrowed from Shiuk. <3

- Huge new reminder message on upload pages telling users "No Humans, No Photos, Only work created by you or for you...".

- "No Payment Method Chosen" email now only gets sent once per week to artists who are owed money and don't have a payment method set.

- Clicking Support Tickets in the tickets list now takes you to the latest response without having to scrollllll all the way down the page.

- Deleted submissions no longer show in the keywords count (the one that lists keywords at the top of the gallery screen).

- Editing comments now obeys character limit.

- Some database query efficiency fixes.

- More security fixes.

Thank you!

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Added: 12 years ago
Site News Item: yes
12 years ago
Good work! :3 Nice to see the site humming along at a good clip. ^_^

*quietly reminds of the previous/next links that could be larger for easier navigation* ^_^;
12 years ago
Hehe yeah that's in our list. Thanks!
12 years ago
Woo! Blank gray! Now I can scroll in remote desktop. :-D
12 years ago
We made it just for you! :P
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