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MLP and MUCK thoughts

I'm thinking that the pokemon series has been played out.  My next pokemon game is kinda dead in the water, so I've been thinking of a new MUCK.

I've been thinking of starting an MLP MUCK but I have the feeling that Equestria is too limited.   So i've been thinking of going a step further and making a more generalized MUCK where specific areas are important, I have all the code to do this like, now.   If I make a MUCK I do want to have an MLP area though.

I'd allow for other areas to be built not in canon especially if they focused on other species so there could be some interaction as well.    That the preference for characters should be feral, taur and then morph in that order.   I have also been thinking that puca should definitely be a feature species.

Whether the game would be TS ok is still something i'm mulling over.  Same for allowing humans.  I may allow humanish characters with some furry attributes (at least ears and tails from one)

The biggest thing thats important to me here is that I not be doing this alone.   I do not want to start another game that noone cares about.  

I also don't know if this should have MLP as its primary theme or not.  Or if I should make another game with MLP as its primary theme and still do the feral mixer.  Its kind of trivial for me to do 2 MUCKs if i'm going to do one, but theres the problem of potentially splitting population between both.

So if your interested, what would you like, MLP MUCK only, a crossover world with MLPs in it, both, or totally uninterested?   And what about pucas?  Anyone interested in playing in the jade fall universe?
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
A universe allowing more options would definately lure more people and those that wanna play Pony only could just say so. Although I doubt there is a shortage of Pony fans atm ^^
7 years, 7 months ago
I'd be surprised if such a MUCK did not already exist - there are the bones of some in our records at WikiFur (I have always found the presence of that category hilarious; maybe I should have seen it as the harbinger of our current doom).
7 years, 7 months ago
It seems all the actual MUCKs are down, so there is an open space here, I don't consider forum RP to be competition, i mean at least for me its just too slow.

I guess i'm wondering if anyone would be interested in getting one off the ground now.
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