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Not enough self vore

What comes up when you search inkbunny for "self vore" or "selfvore" ?

Right. Nothing. (I know of a few works, but they're apparently not tagged right)

But it's such a sexy topic, and so many different ways to explore it.

- You can have  a "copy" of you and eat it
- You can go back in time and eat yourself
- Or since that would cause a paradox, better let yourself be eaten
- You can eat parts of you
- The latter has so many tasty subcategories, like partial - or gradual transformation into very tasty things and sampling yourself to see whether you turn out right
- Traditional Uroberuos style (start with the tail)
- Double Uroberous (I eat you and you eat me)
- ...
- ...
- And when you get to portals there's really mind boggling variations.

I know some people watch me and should read this, some of which are absolutely awesome writers and artists. There must be someone intrigued by this!

So please, draw, write, get creative and fill this lacking subject with lots and lots of awesome stuff to share with everyone.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
If you really want it, I'm sure there are some artists who would be willing to help out . . . for a price. ;-p
8 years ago
I can offer art/story trades. I'm always open to those But unfortunately I can't pay with money that I don't have. (If I could I would buy lots'a things)
8 years ago
In addition to self-vore, don't forget self-unbirth through Escherism - such as at http://bellystuffed.com/bellybirthed_24.html , http://bellystuffed.com/bellybirthed_25.html , http://bellystuffed.com/bellybirthed_26.html . :)
8 years ago
Good point. I knew that series, its a completely valid example! :)
8 years ago
It's not quite what I'd write. There'd have to be a clone and even then it feel wrong.
7 years, 10 months ago
How... tempting >:3
7 years, 8 months ago
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