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Furries... Ugh...

I’ve seen some post on different sites about a fursuiter whose house burnt down. The post is 99% of the time with a picture of the fire and smoke damage suit head. The guy who lose everything, as in his house, closes, food, EVERYTHING (as well as everyone else) proceeds to whine about how his suit was lost in the fire. And asks for money for a new one!

Let me make this clear. The dude is more upset over losing a fursuit then losing his home!

And people are giving him money and talking about how horrible it was that such a wonderful suit got destroyed. Not one comment about his house being gone.

So let me get this straight… furries will throw money at you if your fursuit gets ruined, but don’t give two shits about your home? What? This brings me to a new level of pissed off.

I have a good friend of mine that is pretty much going through some horrible times and no one even messages him to talk to him. The guy has been having problems with depression and stress and such and going to therapy about it, but no one seems to care. They just say he is an ass and refuse to see that he bettering himself. Add to this that his room mate just up and moved out without paying his share of the bills for the last two months and my friend now has to sue him to get it. During this time though he faces the chance of his power, water, hell everything getting shut off because of this ass that took off. He hasn't been able to work because of his anxiety, so he can;t just pay the bills the room mate didn't. Hell his landlord may very well kick him out.

And not a single person fucking cares about that. Nope. Someone had their fursuit burn up… that’s more important. That’s what people need to send their money too. So they guy can get themselves another fucking fursuit.

This fandom pisses me the fuck off…
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Added: 5 years, 3 months ago
5 years, 3 months ago
Hence the phrase "Fucking furries."

Or as I like to say, "Losing faith in humanity. One asshole at a time."

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