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Yet Another Character

I recently had the urge to make a mad scientist sort of character. That being the case i was either going to change Naum's profession, or make a new one... and since i've wanted to make a dragon character for a while i decided i'd make a new character and go from there :P

oh and for what its worth you can blame dr. horrible's sing-along blog for the idea to make a mad scientist character. :P

Birth Name: Tana Lockrem
Alter Ego Name: Doctor Insonne
Species: Dragon
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 9"
Bust Size: C-cup, bordering on a D-cup
Sexual Preference: Bi-sexual with preference towards females

Textual Description:
Tana's body is covered in sapphire blue scales that run head to toe. upon her head two horns project from the back of her head. the two horns curve inwardly until the tips almost meet at the ends.  Tana's normal day to day attire consists mostly of blue jeans and a loose fitting T-shirt. While wearing her normal clothing Tana's horns are a pure bone white, however, when she dresses as her alter ego she paints her horns gun metal grey.

Tana's mad scientist outfit consists of a gun metal grey "howie style" lab coat with her logo on the front pocket, as well as emblazoned on the back. Tana's legs are covered by loose fitting urban patterned camouflage fatigues. Tana's feet, which are normally bear when she is in her every day clothing, are protected from potential hazards by heavy black jump boots. Covering her eyes at all times are a special pair of black tinted goggles. these goggles help to eliminate the suns glare and protect her eyes from the flashlights the police may try to shine in her eyes.

Origin Story:
Tana was once one of Russia's leading experts in the science of sleep. Tana spent many years trying to cure, what she saw as the greatest threat to the world, Insomnia. Due to a sleep experiment that involved Tana staying awake for a week and a half straight, she became somewhat mentally unstable. Fortunately for Tana, the Russian's soon lost interest in her research and closed her lab before anyone found out just how far she had fallen.

Having little else holding her in Russia, Tana left for America in the hopes that she could continue her research. Sadly Tana was unable to find anyone who was interested in sponsoring her admittedly radical ideas on how to cure what was honestly a minor nuisance to most of its sufferers, because of her... fragile state of mind this lead Tana to begin kidnapping the homeless so that she would have test subjects.

In the years that followed, Tana's research proved to be fruitless in every aspect other then in her ability to keep her subjects awake for longer and longer periods of time. One day Tana woke up with a single thought in her delusional mind. it was not her research that was wrong, it was the world that was wrong. from that moment on she took up the mantle of Doctor Insonne. Tana vowed to take control of the world and bend them to her will. if she could not find a natural way to cause people to sleep, she would simply take control of the world and force them to sleep.

To do this, however, she would use all she had learned in keeping people awake to cause those in power to slowly become less and less effcent in their duties until they all finally made one misake too many and then Tana would sweep in and take control of the masses.
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