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To artists who stream their drawings while they play music


The above news link seems to pretty much screw with people who stream music while they draw. Although it's likely this law is aimed more towards those who set up a web stream JUST to stream their music collection or show off a music video they found (something you'd probably want to just send a YouTube link for anyway,) it's possible this new law could also target those who stream music in the background of whatever they are doing in a live webcast, and this is something many artists do when they stream themselves drawing a picture for whatever reason.

The question is, isn't it fair use since this person is streaming music they possibly own and is not exhibiting it for profit? And what about those who stream themselves playing video games, something I used to do often a couple of years ago? Isn't that fair use since I'm providing a demonstration of the game, possibly promoting it and encouraging viewers to buy it? What if the game has a licensed soundtrack like many sports games tend to have? is this a violation of the Fair Use Rights we have had ever since the days of VCR's?

If this law DOES mean that THESE acts are outlawed, then it's a means to be outraged. I've been considering performing new VG streams for months, but if I no longer can, then what can I do since I don't know how to draw well enough to be entertaining while I do it? And of course, since I have no tablet, that means I'd have to draw traditionally (which I wouldn't mind if I could draw good enough to not have to erase more than I draw) and there'd be issues with me keeping my camera positioned where the drawing could be seen.

TLDR: Can a new streaming law aimed at pirates also potentially harm artists who stream music as part of their show and not a main attraction. And if so, are video game streamers also affected? Are our Fair Use Rights dead?
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
We are moving towards an Orwellian scenario, nothing new here.
They can already accuse people here of "bestiality" or *cub*philia ; p and van them if they would feel like it (doesn't matter if it's true, accusing people of such things is easy), you'd probably be better of accused of copyright infringement.
Anyway just continue doing what you were doing, and in case you are worried just use some alternative/japanese/game/bittunes/etc. music which they are unlikely to monitor/own/know of.
Not only they won't be able to sue anyone for such things, but you get the bonus of advertising alternative art and boycotting the large media-owned stuff.
7 years, 7 months ago
Well, that's good to hear.

And as for the accusation thing you mentioned, it reminds me of another story going around of some guy who was accused of bestiality over a mere rumor (I think it was a trolling comment) started on a random forum and that guy got arrested or some bullshit like that. >.<

I don't remember the full story, just catching a glimpse of Tora's reaction to it.
7 years, 7 months ago
this is being oposed heavaly along with the internet IP act s.3804 We need help, everybody needs to call there seniter
7 years, 7 months ago
I sure hope so! I like listening to whatever music an artist may stream when they draw. (My PC doesn't have too much memory and bogs down when I have something like a video stream and Winamp open at the same time.)
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