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OC Quiz II: Electric Boogaloo!

Gratuitously stolen from
, who stole it from

1. What's your OCs favorite color?
Well, green, of course.

2. Where does your OC work?
That's classified, but, let's just say he now does private security, and leave it at that.

3. What's your OCs favorite food?
Generally, anything thai.

4. Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?
Usually plastic.  Paper doesn't really make the best weapon parts, and he mostly deals in weapons.

5. How old is your OC?
I usually place him at younger than I am currently, so he's about 25 right now.  Maybe 30, depending on how far I want to push it.

6. Does your OC have any supernatural powers?
Define "supernatural".  He does have powers, but that's more due to technology that he works with than anything else.

7. Is your OC in a relationship?

8. What are some of your OCs strengths?
Tends to be light on his feet, fairly handy with his shotgun, and is usually equipped to kill.  Does that fairly well, also.

9. What are some of your OCs weaknesses?
Considering one of his major "powers", he doesn't bother most of the time with things like "avoiding danger".

10. What is your OCs favorite outfit?
He likes open-jacket suits.  A nice suit jacket, dress shirt, necktie, some smart slacks, and sturdy, steel-toe boots.

11. What is your OCs spirit animal?
... say what, now?

12. Is your OC sexual active?
Every change he can get.  Sometimes even with his own employers.

13. What is your OCs earliest memory?
Ooh, that's a hard one.  This depends on the perspective, but we'll say his earliest memory was probably when he was 8 and got kicked out of his 2nd grade classroom again (because his teacher decided she was going to just take all of her frustrations out on him at that time) and basically just decided to walk off school campus and buy himself a soda at the local convenience store... and returned to find his entire 2nd grade class searching for him.

14. Does your OC have a cell phone?  If so, what kind?
By this point in his life, he probably owns one, if his employers will allow him to have it.  If so, it's probably a T-Mobile Concord (it's what I have RL now).

15. What makes your OC angry?
Pretty much anything that falls under "unfair treatment", but he has to tolerate some of that, due to his current employers.

16. When is your OCs favorite time of year?
Winter.  It's also when he was born.

17. How long can your OC hold his breath?
Ten minutes!Not long enough to keep himself from drowning... which he's done at least once before.

18. What kind of underwear does your OC wear?

19. Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots?
Given only that choice, he'll go for plaid.

20. What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
Anchovy pizza.

21. Who is your OCs best friend?
Depends.  On the job, it's his two employers.  Off the job, it's Kayla, who is also his girlfriend.

22. Has your OC ever killed someone?
All the time.  He is a security guard, after all, and he's usually equipped to kill on sight.

23. What's your OCs biggest secret?
The nature of his employment.That's none of your concern.

24. What does your OC smell like?
Currently, polyester, gunpower, metal, and whatever a husky smells like.  Also cigarette smoke.

25. What time of year does your OC prefer?

26. Is your OC a human or an animal (or something else idk)
He's a lime green husky, bipedal.

27. What language does your OC speak?
American English, Profanity.

28. Does your OC like anime?
In very limited amounts, yes.

29. Can your OC swim?

30. What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there?
He keeps it nicely trimmed, but doesn't remove all the fur down there.

31. Does your OC personally believe in fairies?
If you mean the sort that's tiny and with wings, not really.  If you're meaning homosexual men, well, he's bisexual, so he's known a few in his time.

32. Did your OC go to college?  What did they major it?
He actually went to two different colleges.  The first one he went to, he was majoring in computer graphics, but was kicked out after a couple of months.  The second one, he never took an official major, went there for five years, and still never graduated.  Five years, two colleges, no degrees.

33. Are your OCs parents dead?
Surprisingly, no.  Both parents are still alive, though he's died more often than he can count, his parents are still alive and well.

34. Is your OC religious?
Only if you count being "agnostic" as a religion.  When he was young, he was actually raised as a baptist, but later on, when he was oldered, he started attending more and more generally Christian churches, and even went to Synagogue twice.  Later, in his teens, he was no longer really able to tell the difference between the branches of christian worship, and so went agnostic as a result.

35. How flexible is your OC?
... let's just say it's good to be a husky, even a morphic one.

36. What turns your OC on?
When it comes to girls, he prefers them slim, short, and petite.  If he's looking for a guy, generally he prefers the petite, as well, but occasionally if he's looking to bottom, he'll take a larger male.

37. What was your OCs first word?
Knowing him, probably "shotgun".  But, in all seriousness, it was likely "dada".

38. Does your OC have any pets?
Not at the moment, no.

39. Who is your OCs biggest enemy?
For a while, it was actually "himself", but later on, it became whoever was intruding on whatever he was working security for, and now it's just any intruder in general.

40. What is the craziest thing your OC has ever done?
Armed with just his pump-action shotgun, walking out into a live firefight and just casually blowing away the intruders, getting himself shot up the entire time.  After about halfway through the intruders, though, they finally managed to gun him down... which gave his clone enough time to emerge (good thing this was on-site) and finish off what he started.

41. What is your OCs motto about life?
When he was little, his motto was basically "I'm gonna become a famous artist!".  Eventually, though, his motto then became "what's it matter, I'm just gonna die, regardless"... but now his motto, with his new job, is "bring it on; whatever it is, I can take it".  This is true for as long as he's still working for his current employers.

42. Does your OC drink coffee or tea?
Yes, but he prefers coffee more.

43. Who is your OCs biggest hero?
Basically, any major FPS hero back in the olden days of FPS games.  Originally, it was likely B.J. Blazkowicz, but that eventually was upgraded to the Doom Marine.

44. What color eyes does your OC have?
Green, of course.

45. Does your OC like reading?
He used to, when he was a lot younger, but more recently, he only really bothers reading things like instruction manuals and those little pamphlets that come with games to let the player know just how to actually play.

46. Is your OC loyal?
Yes.  Very yes.

47. Does your OC tolerate violence?
Considering his job is mostly violence, one should hope so.

48. What social class is your OC from?
He's actually been very firmly in the middle class pretty much his entire life.

49. What country was your OC born in?
The United States.

50. Does your OC cry easily?
Not usually, but occasionally, the tears just can't be held back.  Those moments, though, are few and far between.

51. What is your OCs favorite genre of music?
Yes, with the exception of most "gangsta rap".  Recently, though, he's taking a liking to ska.

52. How does your OC feel about insects?
Oh, insects are fine, so long as they're not on him.

53. What is your OCs sexual orientation?
Completely and totally bisexual.

54. Does your OC smoke?
Is the Sun hot?  But, hey, he's cutting down!  He only goes through two cigarette lighters a week now!

55. What gender is your OC?
Male.  Totally male.

56. What kind of clothes does your OC wear?
See #10, for the most part.  If he's not in a three-piece suit, he'll revert to just a dress shirt and slacks, but he doesn't get less formal than that unless he's taking a shower or having sex.

57. Would you call your OC adventurous?
In the past, especially during high school and college, no.  Before and after those long years of his life, though, he was very adventurous.

58. Is your OC introverted or extroverted?
Similar to #57, except that he was mostly introverted until he was finally free of the educational system, then he was pretty extroverted.

59. What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?
The casual grin, or perhaps the cigarette dangling from his mouth.

60. Does your OC enjoy nature?
Not all that much.  He's a very urban canine.
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
Anchovy pizza? seriously? Also you should draw him some
5 years, 7 months ago
You do not realize the sheer love I have for anchovy pizza, and I decided to share that love with my OC.

I've already drawn him several times.  I just don't have any images uploaded on here.  I'll fix that later.
5 years, 7 months ago
hmmm I have something that tastes as salty as anchovies ;)  seriously though  seeing more art from you would be  a good thing
5 years, 7 months ago
I'll get around to it eventually.  I already know I'm slow.
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